Fortnite: Lady Gaga is coming to Epic Games’ video game!

Lady Gaga is coming to Fortnite. You will be able to play this character in the game’s Festival mode for Season 2 of this mode.

Fortnite is launching a new collaboration in its game. And this time, it’s about the legendary singer: Lady Gaga! And this event will feature Season 2 of the festival. The singer will play a major role. We tell you more.

Fortnite: Lady Gaga makes her appearance

A new mode was revealed in the new phase of Fortnite. about this festival mode, This genre is dedicated to music. Kinda like Guitar Hero a few years ago. And season 2 has just started.

And for this, Lady Gaga is working in collaboration with Epic Games. Remember, in the first season, we could participate A concert by The Weeknd. Then play with the singer skins. A real novelty.

From February 22 to April 22, you will be able to see Singer’s character in this mode of Fortnite. And it’s quite funny to see the singer in the game because in 2019, the singer published a tweet asking what the game was.

“WhyWhat is fortnight? , she wrote. So, a few days before the announcement of Season 2, Lady Gaga corrects her many years old tweet, And he also published visuals of this new product on his Twitter account.

So this shows the enthusiasm for Fortnite on the part of the singer. The singer is now up to date and knows the game well. She is also joining it for season 2. A real success!

Singer performing in festival mode

fortnite festival season 2 So available. And in this new season you will be able to play the character of Lady Gaga. But what does this mean? You will be able to assume the form of a star and collect related items,

For example, we think of a particular dress, from her album Chromatica, released in 2020. In the game, there will definitely be songs from the artist. you will be able to hear poker face, born This Way, Praise, stupid Love, just Dance, Bloody Mary, Edge of Glory But rain over Me,

Lady Gaga is making her grand entrance into Fortnite. And this is even though she didn’t know anything about it until a few years ago. And this makes some people want to play. This is the case of singer Kesha.

On Twitter, it is later revealed that she is playing games with Lady Gaga’s dress. She tells that she has never played but this is the opportunity. So, will this partnership be as successful as The Weeknd’s?

We will have to wait for some time to find out. But in any case, this new mode Born with the Big Bang works very well, proof with this season 2, No one knew if there would be a Season 2 of this Fortnite mode or not.

But it looks good and is a change from what we see in the average game. So for those who don’t really like the base game, this may appeal to others.

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