Michael Chirinos scored a world-class goal; Rubilio enters Castillo Classic

Live | Today, at 7:00 pm, Olimpia and Motagua will face each other in a duel on the seventh at the National. El León highlighted its undefeated record of 38 games and 11 classics without losing against the Ciclones.

Welcome to the minute by minute coverage of the Capital Derby!

Michael Chirinos and Luis Vega compete for the ball at the National Chelato Uclès stadium. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

78′: Motagua is forgiven! Rubilio Castillo fired a beautiful overhead kick that was stopped by Andre Orellana.

75′: Changes at Olympia:

Enter: Andy Nazar.

Out: Michael Chirinos.

74′: How close! Agustín Ouzmendi managed to take a shot that went past Edric Menjivar’s left post.

72′: Motagua changes:

Enter: Rodrigo Gomez.

Out: Colcho Martínez.

Julián Martínez infringes against Agustín Ouzmendi in the fencing of the National Chelato Uclès stadium. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

64′: Change to Motagua.

Enter: Jorge Serrano and Ricky Zapata.

Out: Yeison Mejia and Wesley DeCas.

63′: Yellow card! Colocho Martínez is cautioned, a first for Motagua.

59′: EPAAAAAAAA! Agustín Ozmendi attempted a bicycle kick which went over the crossbar of Edric Menjivar’s goal.

56′: Dangerous turn! Pass to Motagua to match the cards. Julian Martínez sent the ball on a corner kick.

Michael Chirinos played a powerful right back in the classic match against Motagua. Rougier could not find the bomb. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

53′: Rougier stopped! Motagua’s goalkeeper saved a powerful right kick which was executed by Jonathan Rougier.

48′: Uffff! Edric Menjivar punched the ball and cleared the danger in the Olimpia goal against Motagua’s attacks.

Second part begins!

Changes in Motagua:

Enter: Rubilio Castillo.

Outside: Zapatilla Mejía.

End of first half: Motagua 0-1 Olimpia. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

four five: The referee adds three more minutes to the game.

44′: Great goal! Michael Chirinos scored a world-class goal to give Olimpia victory against Motagua.

42′: Free kick! From the edge of the left field, Motagua will take a dangerous free kick.

39′: There is danger! Motagua had bottled up Olimpia and the referee signaled an infringement in favor of the Lions.

Agustín Ouzmendi has not been able to perform with the defensive solidity offered by Olimpia. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

36′: Too high! Justin Arboleda lifted the ball over the frame defended by Jonathan Rougier.

33′: Uffffffff! Yeison Mejía almost scored a wonderful goal at the far post from Edric Menjivar.

29′: It’s clear! Jorge Alvarez falls in the Motagua region, but is clear of the cyclone’s trough.

Andre Orellana marks Agustín Ozmendi on the grid at the National Chelato Uclès stadium. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

26′: Maylor Núñez took over from Yeison Mejía, who was looking to immediately get rid of the merengue mark.

8′: The capital classic gets complicated. Olympia dominates at times but without gaining a goal position.

2′: Uffff! Michael Chirinos took a powerful right hand that was saved by Jonathan Rougier.

The match begins!

Motagua players practice before the starting whistle against Olimpia at Nacional. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

6:50 pm: Club National Chelato Uclase returned to the dressing room.

6:30 pm: The last time Olimpia and Motagua met was on 21 December in the grand final of the Apertura.

6:25 pm: Olimpia surprised by sending a single forward to the top of the starting 11. Jerry Bengtsson and Andy Nazar will start on the bench.

6:20 pm: The teams take to the national grounds for their respective warm-ups.

Beautiful Olympia fans were present at the National Chellato Uclès. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

6:20 pm: This is how Olympia comes across:

1- Edric Menjivar; 2- Maylor Nunez, 17- Jonathan Paz, 15- Andre Orellana, 16- Julian Martinez; 12- Gabriel Araújo, 23- Jorge Alvarez, 8- Edwin Rodriguez, 7- Jose Mario Pinto, 33- Michael Chirinos; 19- Justin Arboleda.

6:10 PM: This is how Motagua turns out:

19- Jonathan Rougier; 12- Marcelo Santos, 3- Carlos Melendez, 4- Luis Vega, 17- Wesley Decas; 23- Juan Delgado, 33- Hector Castellanos, 8- Colocho Martínez, 16- Carlos Mejía; 10- Yeison Mejia and 11- Agustin Ozmendi.

Motagua Bar upon arrival at the National Chelato Uclés Stadium in Tegucigalpa. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

6:05 pm: As if what was at stake was not enough, Marcelo Santos added spice to the classic with a phrase that caused an echo in the Lyon cave: “If we base ourselves on statistics, Olimpia is also our place in the final. the son is.”

6:00 pm: Disturbance: Motagua Bar came from the city center and went to Sol Sur sector (where Olympia Bar is normally located). There they met Merengues fans and there was a stone crossing. Police intervened and everything seems to be under control

Michael Chirinos was one of the first players to get off the bus that took them to the capital venue. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

5:50 pm: Peace returned to the National Stadium. The National Police maintained the dispute between the two heroes.

5:45 pm: A fight broke out over a seat in the National Stadium. Motagua and Olimpia fans are believed to have thrown objects at each other around the capital venue.

5:40 pm: Note: Rioting has been reported outside the National Chelato Uclas stadium in Tegucigalpa.

Luis Vega will be one of the starting players for Motagua to face Olimpia at the National Stadium. Photos: Alex Perez | David Romero.

5:20 pm: Motagua and Olimpia are already based at the national Chelato Uclés stadium.

– East –

As if what’s at stake wasn’t enough, marcelo santos He spiced up the classic with a phrase that echoed in the lion’s den: “If we base ourselves on statistics, Olympia He is our son even in the final.”

The defense of the Motaguen defender without losing in front of 38 games and 11 classics with which he comes Olympia The merengues echoed in his ears. The game is played in the same environment Motagua-Olympia Tonight at the National Stadium.

“Tell Marcelo that I hug him ha, ha, ha. It’s part of the classic because we know how they live,” said goalkeeper Edric Menjivar of the Lyon team, which has a lot at stake against its rival. The 276th edition of this historic battle (106 white wins, 108 draws and 61 blue wins) finds Olympia in a great position.

if you don’t fall first Motagua, Elbow would be one game shy of the best unbeaten record in league history and two games away from surpassing it. Cyclone knows about it and is excited to stop this new milestone of this indomitable lion of troglio,

“We bring that confidence. We know the games are tough and even more so against them. We’re two games away from making that history and this group wants it. “Every weekend Olympia players will have to re-verify their resume,” Menjivar warned before the appointment. Chelato Uclés,

There, from 7:00 pm tonight, the ball will begin to rotate in one of the two classics of the seventh day of the Clausura, in which the two clubs are separated by two three points: Motagua is the co-leader. 13 And Olympia Second with 10.

Starting at 4:00 p.m., the roads around the Colossus will be closed and the gates will open to fans. Without the Olympic team in attendance, the Blues will be looking to put pressure on their team to avenge last December’s final loss.

the curtain will rise on the date 3:00 pm In choluteca With the duel between Lobos and Victoria and will end on Sunday with the duel of Vida real society,

Motagua: Jonathan Rougier, Marcelo Santos, Carlos Melendez, Luis Vega, Wesley Decas, Hector Castellanos, Juan Delgado, Walter Martínez, Carlos Mejía, Yeison Mejía and Agustín Ozmendi.

Olympia: Edric Menjivar, Andy Nazar, Andre Orellana, Jose Garcia, Carlos Sanchez, Kevin Lopez, Julian Martinez, Jorge Alvarez, Jose Mario Pinto, Justin Arboleda and Jerry Bengtsson.

-ref: armando castro
-Communicate: sports tvc

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