New WhatsApp function to mark conversations as unread

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WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform used by millions of people around the world, continues to innovate its functions to improve the user experience. After it was announced in March that it would allow you to read and send messages on other platforms without leaving the app due to an EU guideline, now comes a new option that was already highly demanded by users: the green dot, Message management designed for customization And it allows users to mark conversations as unread.

this work of WhatsApp It is emerging as an effective solution for those who want to organize their response time. Or focus on a few chats without losing the thread of communication.

The green dots are used for any chat. (Whatsapp)

What users have to do is choose the chat they wantPress and hold it and then select the ‘Mark as unread’ option in the menu in the top right corner.

When you do this, a green dot will appear below the time of the last received message, which serves as a visual reminder. This tool is very useful in situations where you receive an important message but do not have time to respond.,

To use this new feature, users need to ensure that they have WhatsApp updated most recent version, After updating it, they can go to their chat list, select the one they want to mark and follow the steps already mentioned to mark a message as unread.

Marking messages as unread functionality is available for both individual conversations and Group, It allows users to effectively manage the reading of their messages, whether it is personal exchanges or group communication dynamics.

Apart from the ability to mark messages as unread using the green dot, WhatsApp also offers other options to prioritize conversations.

One of these features is the ‘Set Chat’ option, which Allows users to keep up to three important conversations at the top of their chat listRegardless of new messages they receive in other conversations.

This feature is especially useful for ensuring quick access to meaningful chats, whether personal, group or professional, thus facilitating timely management and response to priority communications.

To pin a chat on WhatsApp and always keep it at the top of your conversations list, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the main screen where the list of all chats will be displayed.
  2. Find the individual or group chat you want to pin at the top.
  3. Press and hold the selected chat until a new menu appears at the top of the screen.
  4. You will find different options in the menu that appears. Press the thumbtack icon, which represents the pinning action.
  5. Doing so will automatically move the selected chat to the top of the conversation list and remain there.
  6. To confirm that the chat has been pinned correctly, a pin icon will appear next to the chat name in the list.
These WhatsApp functions are used to organize chats. (pictorial image infobae)

WhatsApp only allows you to set up three conversations. If you want to set up a new chat and you already have three set up, the user will have to unpin one of them first.

The addition of ‘Mark as unread’ and ‘Fix chat’ functions to WhatsApp gives users the tools they need to effectively manage their conversations, allowing them to better organize their response times.

These features make it easy to prioritize important messages And ensure that priority communications receive timely attention, thus optimizing the user experience on this messaging platform.

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