Fouls and counts: From exemplary to ridiculous in the NBA, Draymond Green case

In the NBA, the Draymond Green case ranges from exemplary to ridiculous. Is the Golden Age of Warriors over? Excellent movement by coach Erik Spoelstra; A week full of records, great plays and a lot of injuries. This and more in the top 10…

1.- Now you know that you will have to beg from him. Last Saturday the NBA announced that suspension The veteran forward of the Golden State Warriors, draymond greenwas canceled and the player could rejoin the franchise after returning to the court after regaining his rhythm.

Beyond the fact that the punishment was only 12 games in the end (much less than this player’s violence), what was ridiculous (in my opinion) was that the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, met with him to almost beg him. There is no need to retire.

According to ‘repentance’ d-green The situation was too difficult to handle and he contemplated retirement; However, Silver, in more words than words, said he would not allow it.

one thing is this draymond green Be a good player, but a bad competitor; His team needs him to get out of the bad moments, but the league needs players like him the least. Despite all his importance in the Warriors winning the title, his reprehensible behavior has been classified as an embarrassment to the NBA and it was even more shameful that Silver asked him not to retire.

If we count all the assaults, violent plays, and acts of indiscipline that have occurred on the court during Green’s career, we add up to more than 12, but sure! So those 12 little games of ‘punishment’ weren’t even a blow to the supposedly repentant man. Do we believe in him?

2.- End of the era of warriors? The aforementioned Warriors are having a season that is 12th in the West with a 17-20 record and a humiliating 141-105 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans at Chase Center last Wednesday was the last straw. This spread came on the back of a camel and according to journalist Shams Charania, the franchise is willing to listen to offers for all of its players, except Stephen Curry.

Will this be the end of the Warriors’ most successful era?

3.- Open your wallet. The NBA started in 2024 with everything in between and it doesn’t stop at money. If not, ask Kawhi Leonard and coach Erik Spoelstra, who signed lucrative contract extensions this week.

The LA Clippers forward will be signing for three years and $153 million, while the Miami Heat head coach will be signing for a deal worth eight years and $120 million. Thus, ‘Spo’ sets a record as his contract will be the most committed money in the history of United States coaches.

And this is just the beginning of several other financial moves around the league between now and the trade deadline, so figures will come and go in the coming days.

3.1.- Coach Spoelstra, talented on and off the court…

Coach Spoelstra is considered one of the best coaches in the NBA, but the movement he created off the court was genius level.

‘Spo’ and the Heat waited for the coach’s divorce to be finalized so he could sign a million-dollar contract extension and not have to share it with his former ex. standing applause!

4.- Pacers 50 assists. Those who continue to give something to talk about are the Indiana Pacers, who not only remain in the top 5 of the Eastern Conference, as if this was not enough, last Friday they achieved a 150-116 victory against the Atlanta Hawks. Made a record during.

At the end of that game, the Pacers recorded a total of 50 assists, which was a record not only for a franchise, but in the NBA.

5.- Week of many injuries and casualties. It wasn’t all good news in the league. Many teams will be without key players for quite some time and for others, 2023-24 is over.

Over the past few days, Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, Cade Cunningham, Tyrese Haliburton and Ja Morant have had to leave the court or miss some games due to injuries.

Most affected was the Memphis Grizzlies point guard, who will miss the remainder of the season due to surgery on his right shoulder.

The news is bad for Memphis, which had to wait 25 games for its star to begin his return to the West.

6.- Wembley, with a strong move towards Rookie of the Year. Since his loud and long-awaited arrival in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama has shown signs of his potential, showing glimpses of what he can become in almost every game he plays and despite a poor campaign for the San Antonio Spurs , the French center stands out.

And last Wednesday, Wembley took another step toward potential Rookie of the Year recognition by recording the first triple-double of his NBA career. During the game between the Spurs and the Detroit Pistons, the teams with the worst records in the league, the Frenchman had 16 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Perhaps this statistic has no bearing, but if we take into account that he did it in 21 minutes of play, it is already more relevant.



Triple double by Victor Wembanyama against the Pistons!

In the Spurs’ 130-108 win, the French star finished his night with 16 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in 21 minutes! Additionally, Keldon Johnson stood out with 17 points.

7.- The one who laughs last is always the ‘joker’. It was not a good week for the Warriors, who started the week with a loss to the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets, after a blowout loss against the Pelicans and everything that surrounded Green Case.

The news of defeat is not that important, but the method is important. The ‘creators’ of Tripler basketball were given a taste of their own medicine. The one in charge of this ‘joke’ was none other than Nikola Jokic…



Really? Nikola Jokic sealed the win with a spectacular triple!


8.- It’s here to stay. In his visit to Paris for the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Brooklyn Nets, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver indicated that the in-season tournament or NBA Cup would return for next season.

According to the manager, the long-trousers of the league and the teams are analyzing some changes, such as the best date to implement it and the specific color of the court, but after the success of the first edition, everything seems to point towards Is. The competition will remain here.

9.- And everything for what! The Pistons are worse than ever and on top of their poor record (3-35), it seems like the team doesn’t want to win.

Last Tuesday he set a franchise record by scoring 47 points, yes 47 points, in the first quarter of their duel against the Sacramento Kings. That first period ended 47–29 in favor of Detroit, which could not sustain the momentum and ultimately lost 110–131.



The Pistons scored 47 points in the first quarter, the most in their history.

Detroit broke a franchise record against the Kings.

10.- TD Garden Fort. The good campaign of the Boston Celtics deserves a little star, as the team remains perfect while playing at home with a record of 18-0, increasing the chances of validating the predictions that would make them great favorites for the championship. Are.

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