Four good guys meet to commit a gruesome murder in The Last of Us season 2

2020’s The Last of Us Part II is a revenge tale woven around two parties: Ellie’s (as portrayed in the show) bella ramsey) and newcomer Abby (Kaitlin Dever). Both women have their own supporting roles, and the HBO adaptation primarily features people like Dinah and Jessie in Ellie’s social circle.

According to Variety, HBO managed to cast four actors who will play people in Abby’s friend group. Top Gun: Maverick’s Danny Ramirez will play Manny, described as a “loyal soldier” whose bright outlook belies the pain and fear of old wounds. That he will fail his friends when they need him most. Spencer Lord (Riverdale) Owen is Abby’s ex, who is “condemned to fight an enemy he refuses to hate.”

The quartet includes Ariela Barer (Runaways) as young Doctor Mel and Tati Gabrielle (Mortal Kombat II) as Nora, a fellow Doctor who is “struggling to come to terms with the sins of her past.” ” In the game, Ellie travels to Seattle to seek revenge on all four characters and ultimately Abby. Even with whatever changes are to take place, they will likely remain the same with the show; It will also flesh out those characters, as it has already done with Bill. At the moment, there are two other people on Abby’s “side” whose casting is still a secret: Yara and Lev, a pair of siblings she meets during her travels.

The Last of Us season two is expected to arrive on HBO sometime in 2025.

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