Four reasons not to buy a smart refrigerator

The update time in these devices may decrease and this becomes a security issue. (LG)

These devices can record content and this represents a problem for our privacy.

Smart devices are designed to make our lives more convenient and efficient. But like any new device, there is a downside that should be taken into account when purchasing one of these options. There are four problematic aspects in the case of smart refrigerators that users should not ignore before making this investment.

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These points stand out as the considerations inherent in this type of refrigerator, which differs from traditional ones by being connected to the Internet, connecting to an application, sharing informationIf we do not take full advantage of them we can become sensitive to these environments and over time become conventional refrigerators.

So below we leave four reasons not to buy smart refrigerators, which can be very useful for taking care of our food or saving energy, but which also cause us other problems.

lack of privacy

One of the main concerns when considering purchasing a smart refrigerator is the lack of privacy that comes with it. These devices are equipped with cameras and microphones that can continuously monitor what is happening inside the home.

Although these are promoted as useful tools for managing our food and household tasks, the idea is that refrigerators can Watching and recording every activity inside the kitchen creates some privacy concerns for the entire family.

Although the manufacturers of these devices equip them with security systems and fix errors through updates, cAny product that is connected to the Internet is at risk of being compromised And remotely control the content you’re recording and the data you’re collecting.

Possibility of personal information being leaked

This point is closely related to the previous one. By connecting to a network, the information they collect, such as our eating habits and consumption schedules, Data may be at risk and
Falling into the hands of unauthorized third parties such as cyber criminals.

Smart device security is a growing concern these days, and smart refrigerators are no exception. The idea that our personal data could fall into the wrong hands and be used maliciously is reason enough to think twice before bringing one of these devices into our home if we are not careful enough.

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