“From here on out we’re taking everything,” Diosdado Cabello threatened with more “Bolivarian fury”

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Diosdado Cabello, in his television show this Wednesday, mentioned the arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders and alleged conspiratorial plans against Nicolás Maduro.


“They asked me what Bolivarian rage is and I said Bolivarian rage has to do with traitors, sell-outs and those who surrender the country. But it also concerns those of us who love this country, the patriots. We are capable of doing anything to protect it and to take care of it from its bad sons and bad daughters who are getting smaller every day, but they are there. “We are obliged to take care of our homeland,” Cabello remarked in front of state television cameras.

“We have said this, who has called for the invasion of our country, who has planned to bring mercenaries to this country. Just think, what will be your role during war? Of the enemies of the country. And how should they be treated?Enemies. They can accuse us of whatever they want, but we know them and we know what they are capable of. Then they come up with nonsense,” the Chavista spokesperson said in reference to their political rivals, who in turn have accused Chavismo of avoiding the electoral landscape through false accusations.

“We tell you again, from now on: we are going with everything. Whatever your name is,” Cabello threatened.

At least two coordinators of Vente Venezuela, the party of unitary candidate María Corina Machado, were arbitrarily detained while demonstrating. Hours later, Tarek William Saab did not mention their names, but suggested the idea that they might be related to “five conspiracies” to overthrow Chavismo.

“Enough of criminal amnesty, we have reached our destination. So whoever invents must take his responsibility, and we will take our responsibility. We will not let ourselves be disappointed. Neither through bad times nor through good times. Because we are going to win the elections the way you want. In the face of violence, there is an antidote to guarimberos, terrorists and mercenaries. That antidote is called Bolivarian Fury,” he said.

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