From medicine, UCLM to the labor market.

The Foundation for Knowledge and Development (CYD Foundation) report for 2023 once again highlights the good number of degrees in medicine for employability. One year after completing a degree at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) and passing the MIR test, practically 100% of its graduates work. It should be remembered that it is offered in the Albacete and Ciudad Real campuses.

From medicine, UCLM to the labor market.

At the national level, in Medicine, they highlight that 67% of new graduates are women, compared to an EU average of 63%. Furthermore the University of Castilla-La Mancha has more female doctors than male doctors.

They highlight that it is one of the highest paid careers, with around 33,000 euros per year from the first year of the contract. Of course, it is the most ‘expensive’ to enter, as on average, there are about 13 candidates contesting each place. This is something that the CyD Foundation also focuses on, whose experts suggest that the places in this degree could be increased to a certain number throughout Spain. They do this by anticipating that life expectancy among the population is increasing and they understand that more health care workers will be needed.

It can be said that health training is synonymous with employment. And if the highest employment rates – more stable and with higher contracts – occur in medicine, it is not the only degree with optimal results in this sense.

More Self-Employed Degrees

The report also shows that the second most commonly used degrees are Optics and Optometry (92%), as well as Nursing (88.9%).

Where the percentage of self-employed people is highest is in podiatry and dentistry (above 50%), followed by speech therapy, nutrition and physiotherapy (between 25 and 30%).

On the other hand, the study highlights that the sectors where there is a “better fit”, i.e. a larger proportion of university graduate workers included in the contribution groups of university graduates, are mostly in the health sector. In this order, they are: medicine, dentistry, nursing, opticians, pharmacy, physiotherapy and podiatry, with veterinary medicine also well situated.

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