US military shoots down missile fired by Houthi rebels against a warship in the Red Sea

US forces shot down a missile launched by Houthi rebels against a warship in the Red Sea (Europa Press)

us Army said that it sunday knocked down missile fired against one of his warships From a region of yemen controller Houthi rebelsin one latest attacks against ships In the Red Sea,

,an anti-ship missileFiring was carried out from areas of Yemen controller Houthis “Against him USS Mason (DDG 87), which operated south of the red sea“, informed of Country’s Military Command in the Middle East (CENTCOM),

usa shot down the missile from a fighter plane No further injuries or damage were reported centcom,

This appears to be the first attack against an american destroyerAmidst the increasing number of attacks or attempted attacks Missiles and Drones By Houthiscontrary to what they believe ships belonging to israel In major trade routes of the Red Sea,

Houthis He said he acts solidarity with gazaWhere? Hamas militants They have been fighting for more than three months israel,

before this, usa denied the reports of yemeni rebels that he started new attacks on Sunday against rebel positions in Yemen,

More than 40 countries have condemned the Houthis for attacks (estimated at 27 by Washington) against merchant ships in the Red Sea, through which 15 percent of world maritime traffic passes (Reuters/File)

Houthi media He attacks American and British they had arrived Al Hudaydahcontroller the rebelsBut an American defense official The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “There have been no American or coalition strikes today.”

American and British forces he confirmed on Friday Which targeted dozens of rebel positions Yemenwhich increases this fear Israel’s war against Palestinian Hamas militants Can surround the area.

at the last minute Friday, us Army Reports say it carried out a “follow-up” attack a Houthi radarafter a preliminary bombardment first thing in the morning Friday against rebel military establishment,

nearby 12% of world trade usually passes Bab el-Mandeb Strait, gateway to the red sea between South-western Yemen and DjiboutiBut rebel attacks has influenced trade flows,

Washington Advertisement last month an initiative of maritime security, Operation Samridhi Patronto protect sea ​​transportation In the zone. But Houthis he has kept attacks Despite many warnings.

(With information from AFP)

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