Gerardo Blied rules out the possibility of being a presidential candidate: “It’s not going to happen”

Gerardo Blyde.

Gerardo Blide, leader of the opposition delegation of the Unitary Platform of Venezuela, ruled out the possibility of assuming the presidential candidacy as an alternative to the disqualification of María Corina Machado.

,The coordinator of the negotiating delegation cannot ultimately become a candidate, It is against nature, unregulated, we have to start understanding our role. The candidate is present and will together with the Unitary Forum decide the strategy to be adopted in this process“, he said during an interview with Union Radio Circuit

,my job is not to be a candidate“He added.

Blyde raised questions on the recent Caracas agreement Signed by Chavismo and allies, which states that it does not replace or refute the negotiations that took place in Barbados last year.

Similarly, he said that the Barbados Agreement is comprehensive and must be completed to achieve the desired re-institutionalization of the country.

He emphasized that Only areas without conflict with Chavismo participated in Caracas And what was agreed there does not include the most important clauses negotiated in Barbados.

,The difference between the two agreements is huge“Bleed repeated.

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He also condemned the ruling party’s lack of will to follow the previously agreed consensus, which has now led them to hastily publish the election programme, making it impossible to verify its correctness.

,There is an open intention not to comply with the Barbados Agreement, Political reality prevails over legal reality. The unpopularity has forced him to ignore the commitments made in the negotiation process. Ignorance has led them to publish a compressed schedule that prevents compliance with the cleanliness of the process.,

Blyde also questioned the lack of guarantees for updating the electoral register and the fair participation of candidates.

He warned that Without a change in willingness to comply on the part of ChavismOr, democratic elections will be difficult to achieve.

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