Germany deports Venezuelans as asylum requests rise


The last deportation of Venezuelans from Germany took place last Thursday, February 22, when authorities took five members of the Fuenmayor Bozo family (two adults and three children aged 14, 9 and 7) from their home after midnight. Riesa, in the Free State of Saxony.

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Recalls the children’s grandfather Francisco Bozo, who lives in Germany because his residence permit has been approved, “More than 15 police officers arrived, entered the house and told them they had one hour to pack their bags. It’s time because he’s been deported.” He says that there were more than 30 police officers around the house.

Amidst the concern, Adriana Bozo, head of the deported family’s home, fainted due to a power surge and had to be taken to hospital. However, after receiving medical care and stabilization of their health, they were all deported to Frankfurt, from there to Madrid and then to Caracas. Francisco Bozo explains that they were always in police custody and “without any explanation as to why they were returned to their country of origin”.

Deportations of Venezuelans from this country resumed in 2023 after they were refused asylum in Germany, explains Maria Gabriela Trompetro, researcher and professor at the University of Bielefeld, who adds that “Venezuelan are the largest group in the Americas most denied asylum. Has received requests in Germany in the last five years.

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