Gerrit Cole appreciates Juan Soto’s arrival to the Yankees

Without a doubt, Dominican juan soto he is one of the great stars mlb, with the japanese shohei ohtani And yoshinobu yamamoto Those were the two biggest moves in the current offseason. his arrival new York Yankees Expectations rise for the 2024 MLB season.

During the 2023 campaign San Diego Padres, Juan Soto He hit .275. Additionally, he hit 35 home runs, drove in 109 runs and had 156 hits. However, his team had a disappointing season, finishing third in the National League West with 82 wins and 80 losses.
for this year, juan soto something must have high prominence Yankees Who are serious contenders to make the playoffs and compete for the World Series. His teammates and star pitchers Yankees, gerrit cole He is sure of this and this Thursday, February 15, he praised the Dominican hitter profusely.

Gerrit Cole calls Juan Soto a great hitter

one of the best pitchers mlb and winners of cy young, gerrit cole He spoke about his fellow Dominican this Thursday, February 15 juan soto, CauliflowerIn a press conference, he described the Dominican as a brilliant hitter who had the best awareness of the strike zone that he had ever seen.

Besides, Cauliflower He also talked about the idea of ​​adding another Cy Young to his seasoned career and revealed that his biggest goal is to win world Series, “It is not in the list of objectives and it was not in the list of objectives in any year.” With that being said, let’s go out and prepare to win a world championship, that’s really at the top of the list.”,

Portal baseball reference He had a season total of 138 hits, of which 28 were home runs and 26 were doubles. Similarly, he would contribute at least 10 stolen bases, 84 RBIs and have an average of .278.

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