Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld may make amazing public debut

josh allen and his girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld, Coming together on one year. Where does the time go?

Josh Allen Hailee Steinfeld

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When the star Bills quarterback and famous actress and musician were first spotted Last spring, Bills fans went crazy. The Bills Mafia’s favorite quarterback dating a major Hollywood actress was the best idea ever buffalo bill The gossip we’ve had for a long time, and we ate it up.

Different one more A famous singer/athlete couple, Allen and Steinfeld have managed to keep a low profile and are rarely seen together in public. The only real proof we have that they’re an item is some sneaky paparazzi photos and the occasional sighting of Steinfeld at Bills games.

We respect that the famous couple values ​​their privacy and don’t want to draw attention to themselves. But now it looks like things are going great seriously Between them, we’d love it if they decided to step out of the shadows for a while and make their first official “public” debut.

Well, get ready – it looks like it might just be us – in a Big Way – and it may happen soon!

Josh Allen accidentally drops a hint in new interview

josh allen k adams

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In a recent meeting with the YouTube star Kay Adams, Josh Allen was asked about his close friendship with F1 race car driver Daniel Ricciardo. Last month, Allen arrived at a game at Highmark Stadium wearing a blue sherpa jacket From Ricciardo’s clothing line, Enchante.

In a decidedly sneaky (but brilliant!) move, Adams asked the Bills QB if he planned to wear the Enchante oscar next month (where his girlfriend’s movie, Spiderman: Beyond the Spider-Verseis nominated for Best Animated Feature Film).

His reaction?

“I can.”

Could Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld attend the Oscars together?

academic award

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“Making an entrance” doesn’t even begin to describe how epic this would be.

If Allen’s answer is to be believed (and we are, based on his reaction and facial expression during his answer), he and Hailee Steinfeld may walk the red carpet together at the 96th annual ceremony. academic award on Sunday, 10 March,

Bills fans have been clamoring for the couple’s official public debut, and this may finally give us what we’ve been waiting for in a big way.

Please, guys – do it for us (and we can’t wait to see the costumes)!

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