Giancarlo Stanton and the New York Yankees humiliate Pittsburgh

On the afternoon of this March 20, when the lineup was provided Aaron Boone in the game between new York Yankees And pittsburgh piratesSomething positive was felt in the atmosphere. The strategist technically hinted at what his lineup will be inauguration day 2024, there, like names juan soto, aaron judge And giancarlo stantonShined amid a universe of shapes.

From the first moments of the transition it was clear that compromise was on one side. The initial duel was between left-handers mark gonzales, who arrived with a 0–0 record and 5.40 ERA in 5.0 innings of work, in addition to nine strikeouts. his rivals were luke weaverFinished on the mound with a 0-0 record with a 6.75 earned run percentage and three strikeouts.

New York Yankees humiliate Pittsburgh Pirates

As if that wasn’t enough, a third homer giancarlo stanton Took attendance in the fourth chapter. This time, of 426 feet And 108.8 mphSadly, against the same pitcher Marco Gonzales.

Three more runs were added in the sixth inning, yes, that too giancarlo stanton, Gleyber Torres He made a pact to walk, juan soto simply connected, Trent Grishman He walked and the designated hitter hit a sacrifice fly. then double Anthony Rizzo They kept the box score at 12×0, nothing more to say.

most excellent

  • Giancarlo Stanton: 3-3, 3 HR, 3 AC, 8 IC
  • Anthony Volpe: 1-1, HR, AC, IC
  • Juan Soto: 3-2, BB, 3 AC
  • Gleyber Torres: 3-2, BB, 2 IC
  • Aaron Judge: 1-1, 2B, 2 AC, IC
  • Luke Weaver (Victoria): 3.2 IL, 2 H, 2 K

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