Gift 14th February. Some Nike Air Max 270?

14 February, day of love and friendship It’s just around the corner, and you can’t wait to find a gift for your special someone.

The Nike Store has discounts on some pairs of the Air Max 270 line whose prices will surprise you.

The marketing of popcorn brand is to provide the best products to its consumers at exclusive and unmatched prices.

Here we will give you all the information about tennis shoes Nike Air Max 270 So that your special person gets a special gift on 14th February.

The price of Nike Air Max 270 as a gift for February 14, the day of love and friendship, is as follows:

If you want to buy any of these products for that special someone and give them this 14 FebruaryPress here.

14th February is known as Valentine’s Day day of love and friendship, is celebrated in Mexico in the same way as it is in many other places in the world. It is an occasion when couples express their love and affection towards each other and friendship is also celebrated.

It is important to note that the way to celebrate it may vary depending on the couple and personal preferences. Some people attach great importance to this date, while others may opt for simple celebrations or even ignore it altogether.

Nike’s direct-to-consumer brand, Nike Direct, Revenue of approximately $18.7 billion was generated during 2021.

That same year, the sports company earned $1,692 million from basketball-related products, according to Statista.

Nike is a brand that is recognized for sponsoring great athletes like Michael Jordan, who is one of the best basketball players of the NBA and with whom the brand has made an agreement for high sales of Air Jordan, in fact it It is estimated that it currently receives between 60. And $120 million.

According to data from ESPN, the brand is currently paying the NBA $125 million per year to be its main sponsor. While its sponsorship contract with NFL is signed till 2028 and with MLB till 2030.

Overall, Nike has over 650 sponsorship agreements in over 140 sports leagues, with the most being New York City with over 75 sponsorships.
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