Cuban denounces her ex-husband and blames PNR for her affair

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Friday 19 January 2024

“A mother writes out of fear,” says Heidi Peña of Cuba, who blames the PNR for what could have happened to her, as her ex-husband twice threatened to kill her and her children. Was.

Pena warns, “I #Don’tWantToSerAnother who dies at the hands of a psychopathic ex-husband.”

“In recent times, murders of women at the hands of their husbands or ex-husbands have increased. For this reason, I am filing this complaint against Giovanni Ibáñez González,” he said.

The Cuban woman said the man in question was her ex-husband and father of her youngest son, who had recently threatened her with a knife.

“This man is the biological father of my son and we have been separated for a month. On several occasions I have reported him to the authorities for his violence towards me in front of our 4 year old son. A few days ago that son of a bitch tried to take my life with a knife. Which did not happen because of the interference of neighbors and my father,” he explained.

Heidi complained to the Alamar police unit, but the man was released on bail, although the two children have also received death threats.

“I then filed a complaint with Alamar PNR, presenting all the evidence of harassment, death threats and intimidation towards me. I would also add that during his first arrest he had threatened to kill my elder son and throw his own son from the balcony.

Cuban holds police officers responsible: “Also I hold Alamar responsible for bailing out PNR for the second time, because he tried to murder me and he did it in front of a child. I need a help and I ask you to share this post. “A frightened and very desperate mother writes to you who fears for her life and that of her child.”

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