Gigi Hadid Reinvents the Suit in Two Looks That Inspire Us

His sense of style is well established. In addition to being one of the most popular models of her generation, Gigi Hadid has established herself as a true fashion icon over the years. On the catwalk, as in her everyday life, her every look is scrutinized by fashionistas around the world. This time, she caused a sensation with two reinterpretations of the dress.

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crop top and faux fur

During a recent shoot in New York for the brand Maybelline, Gigi Hadid turned heads with two ensembles that redefined the codes of traditional attire. In her first look, she chose a bold approach by wearing a black ensemble that consisted of a crop top jacket with structured shoulders and high-waist pleated pants. With a short white shirt and black pointe shoes, this style exuded modern confidence and elegance. For her second look, Gigi Hadid chose a more feminine and pop interpretation of the dress. She wore a gray ensemble that included a men’s vest-inspired bustier and matching high-waisted loose pants. She added a touch of whimsy with a pink faux fur hooded jacket and light blue suede shoes. Two original and ultra-trendy approaches that encourage us to rethink the classics of our wardrobe.

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