Gold Cup W: Draw defines final classification for quarterfinals

gold cup w This Wednesday, they experienced the result of the group stage of the competition to define the eight teams that will continue in the competition for the zone title in the first edition of this tournament, however, no one expected that the last place For quarter finals It had to be defined in an unconventional way.

in the competition of Concacaf The two best places in each of the three groups reach the first round of direct elimination, which was defined without any problems but to complete the eight selections, Tournament This establishes that the two best third places in these regions will be the last to ‘survive’.

best third place argentinaWho collected four units in Group A. The question came with second best third, as the national representative for this honor was Puerto Rico in Group B, and Costa Rica In C, they were tied in all areas.

Both teams won one game and lost two to earn three points. Similarly, despite the same goal difference of -2 they scored two goals and conceded four. also in the line of leaves The same numbers obtained were registered, so they had to resort to the final tiebreaker criteria set Concacaf,

there was one lottery Which ended up defining the Ticos’ path to the quarterfinals, leading to a loss to the Puerto Ricans, who had won the same qualifications to get to the next stage. This definition was ritualized Concacaf At the end of this Wednesday’s game.

Who will Costa Rica play against in the quarterfinals?

Now, the women’s team Costa Rica They will see each other on Saturday with their CanadaA team that has been the best in the competition and with which it already shares Group C, lost 3-0 this Wednesday.

for its part, mexican team will continue its victorious march in gold cup w when i face next sunday paraguaya at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

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