Gold Cup W: Who is Mexico’s possible opponent in the quarter-finals?

Mexico will have to wait for the results this Wednesday to know its opponent, but it could be Costa Rica, Paraguay or Argentina

Mexico women’s national team Secured your pass for the next round of Gold Cup W Finishing the group stage with seven points and thus aspiring to find a more comfortable opponent in the quarter-finals.

spanish coach, pedro lopezTri Femenil managed to end the streak of 80 consecutive wins for the United States against their CONCACAF rivals, a historic result for Mexican football and which allowed his team to finish the group stage ahead of the representative of the Bars and Stripes. Was successful. Stars.

Currently, the seven points Mexico has earned place it in second place in the classification for the CONCACAF tournament.

The two best in each group, in addition to the two best third places, will qualify for the next stage of the tournament, which will be defined this Wednesday.

This Liguilla format pits the best team against the worst team and so on. Mexico women’s national team She may get lucky and have a more fit opponent as she looks to reach the semi-finals.

Who might Mexico play against?

The result is Brazil defeating Panama 5-0 Mexico Currently in second place. The opponent will be Costa Rica, who is ranked seventh.

This Wednesday, the Ticos will face Canada, which starts as favorites. If the Canadians’ win and Paraguay’s win against El Salvador are combined, the Mexican national team will face the South Americans, as the national team will drop to third place.

Paraguay will be looking to reach sixth place and will also be in contention Mexico,

The results are still out on Wednesday, but this is the closest look the national team will get in the quarterfinals Gold Cup W,

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