Goodbye to bureaucracy! Cuba is studying agreements to facilitate procedures and legalization in MINREX

Cuban Foreign Ministry officials assured that they are studying joining an agreement on Apostille to facilitate the procedures and legalization of documents in MINRE. In other words, the accumulation of documents to be legalized is small and thus huge bureaucratic networks are avoided that prevent the normal development of processes on the island from having an impact from the outside.

The increase in document legalization efforts by Cubans prior to MINRE in recent years has led the government to consider adhering to the Apostille Convention. This was announced by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, head of portfolio, during last week table Round.

The tense situation with the legalization of documents occupied a prominent place in the intervention of Rodríguez Parrilla. This type of legalization process, combined with the high demand of the population, generates many criticisms due to the slow pace of the process, something that hinders the plans of hundreds of thousands of Cubans.

“The ministry is a group of workers who work hard. Those processes have been modernized. “And more fundamental solutions are also underway,” the Chancellor said on the subject.

Minrex: procedures and validation. outstanding amount

Delays in processes and legalization in Cuban minerxes are well known and complaints about the slowness of these processes are also well known. Therefore, the government intends to look for a permanent solution such as adhering to the Apostille Convention in the near future.

This option is being studied by Cuban authorities. This international agreement simplifies the legalization of documents, allowing up to 60% of them to have legal effect abroad without the need for additional procedures.

Without a doubt, adhering to the Apostille Convention will eliminate the cumbersome legalization of documents for many Cubans. However, the decision is still being analyzed by the government. Furthermore, many doubt that it will be implemented, as Minrex will lose a lot of money, eliminating the processes and legalization of more than half of the documents.

Obviously, the immediate solution would be to integrate processes, on which not much work has been done so far.

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