Google has launched a million dollar reward for anyone who figures it out.


Google and non-profit organizations

By: DW

A statement from Google providing information about the competition said, “The goal of the competition is to generate quantum computing algorithms that can be put into practice (today or in the future) to help achieve goals beneficial to society. Could.”

quantum computer speed

In theory, quantum computers have the ability to perform specific tasks much faster and more efficiently than normal computers.

For example, Google said in its report that “quantum computers could be used to accelerate drug development, design new materials for batteries, or create more efficient fusion reactors.”

Distance from real problems of society

However, many challenges lie ahead: “While there are many reasons to be optimistic about the potential of quantum computing, we still don’t know for sure how, when, and for which real-world problems this technology will prove to be more transformative. ” He says. Report.

You can read the full note here D.W.

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