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When we talk about virtual maps, first of all people think of two options, Apple Maps or Google Maps, but which one is better? Here we tell you the details of these incredible applications.

Years ago, before today’s technological advancements, traveling to unknown places was a challenge, as finding specific places, addresses or premises was more complicated than it is today.

The solution to these situations were maps, those huge pieces of paper where you could find addresses and locations of an entire city, state or even country, although their size and small print were not the most practical.

However, as time passed, technologies continued to advance and mobile devices came to us, especially smartphones, which allow us to perform a large number of activities that greatly facilitate our lives.

One of these activities is related to maps, since there are applications in which we can see virtual maps of the entire world, including places, addresses, stores, supermarkets, restaurants and many other places.

Now, of all the map applications that exist, two generally stand out as the most used, of course, we are talking about Google Maps and Apple Maps, direct competitions that offer their users many Provides benefits.

On the one hand, we have Google MapVirtual map application from Google, one of the technology companies and owners of the most used web search engine.

This application provided by Google has various tools, among them we can find the locations of stores, supermarkets, intersections, monuments, vehicle traffic, save and send the location in real time.

Similarly, options are available to view the maps in modes like traditional, 3D, with relief or even satellite view. Furthermore, Google Maps has the possibility to be used in offline mode, i.e. without an Internet connection.

Image Credit: VIASAT Telematics

Whereas, on the other hand, we have MAPSAn application created by Apple for its mobile devices, which usually includes the application among the device’s native apps, saving time in downloading it.

In the same way, Maps has tools that are extremely useful when searching for places etc.

Among these tools we can find the classic GPS navigation of virtual maps, which will have the advantage of choosing whether you are on foot, by car, by bicycle or by public transport.

We also have the advantage of being able to see the exact locations of points of interest such as shops, parks, hotels, live traffic and detours.

Apple stands out among its competitors for the privacy it provides to its users and the maps they provide are no exception, because the places you save or share or where you are going are always with Apple. Will be protected by the security of.

Well, you might be wondering which of these two applications is the best?

This will depend on the features you are looking for, as Apple Maps offers you safety and accuracy, while Google Maps has the advantage of always being updated with live traffic, in addition to giving you the locations of a large number of places .

The decision is yours, both are incredible applications and their use has revolutionized the way people travel and find the directions they are looking for.

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