Google’s trick to know whether a missed call is a rumor or spam

Tricks to know if a missed call is spam or not. (endian)Source: Andina

Every day it is natural that our cell phone receives different calls from unknown numbers, which can come from traditional mobile or landline phones. However, sometimes these communications are characterized because once answered, the person immediately hangs up.

fortunately, Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google, has functions To protect users from these types of unwanted calls. Which are generally done for commercial purposes to find out the time availability of the user and bombard them with spam.

Although It is important to note that when identifying a number as spam It’s quite complicated at first glance And sometimes rejecting all calls from strangers can lead to missed opportunities.

and despite this Many people call back when faced with this question.There are more effective ways to find out who is the owner of the concerned number without picking up the phone.

Android users have effective tools to deal with spam calls. (Reuters)

Android has two features to protect users from unwanted business calls: Caller ID & Spam Call Filter,

The first is active by default And allows you to view information about people or companies who call and whose numbers do not appear in the contact book.

It should be noted that the name of the caller ID shows Companies and services that have the file google my businessService through which companies and businesses appear on maps and various directories.

Google has integrated features like caller ID and spam call filters. (pictorial image infobae)

Although in this case Google does not have access to the user’s contact list, You receive information about calls to determine whether they are spam or not, So the user sees on the screen the name of the company from which the call comes and decides whether he is interested in answering or not.

As far as the spam call filter is concerned, it must be activated by the user So that unwanted business calls and voice messages stop entering your terminal.

While they are recorded in the call history, The number and time of the call will appear next to an alert icon And the term spam call.

To activate this option it is necessary:

– Open the app phone On a mobile.

– Tap the icon more options (three vertical points).

– choose Adjustment And then Caller ID and Spam,

– ensure option view caller id And spam has become active.

– Active filter spam calls,

Android Caller ID works by default, providing users with details about who is calling, even if the number in question is not in their contact list. (pictorial image infobae)

However if you receive a call that Google does not recognize as spam, but appears to be, it is possible to notify them with these steps:

– Open the app phone,

– tap on recent on the bottom.

– maintain The telephone number you want to report.

– Tap in the drop-down menu Block or mark as spam,

iPhone users have a Silence Strangers mode. (pictorial image infobae)

Apple allows users to silence calls from unknown numbersBut this option affects more than spam calls.

To activate it you need:

– walk into Settings from an iPhone

– choose phone,

– Scroll down, tap mute strangers And activate the slider.

For more efficient filters It is necessary to download applications such as truecallerWhich has the ability to identify the origin of a call received due to the fact that it has a community formed around 370 million users worldwide,

can create reports on all of them unsolicited email which they have received, so that the app Can recognize the indicated numbers.

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