Grains: a typical delicacy of Humacao

Nails 2,400 fries Made from milled rice flour, they are produced daily at the prestigious family business Fábrica de Granos de Humacao, which dates back to 1945 and has been operating in the Patagonia sector since 1961.

In this way, the Cruz Rodríguez family has, for almost 80 years, reiterated its commitment to keep alive the tradition of preparing what is today the typical delicacy of this city and whose “culinary invention” can only be attributed to a person like Don goes. Vicente.

,Grains are the original fried food of Humacao., As humacaños they are part of who we are. They are made from rice flour, but it must be with a specific rice as it cannot be washed, as it must contain starch, otherwise it will not thicken the dough. Boil water, add butter and salt as per taste. They’re always made with a little piece of queso de pelota on top,” explained Benedicto “Benny” Cruz Rodriguez, owner of the place and one of the 11 children of the factory’s founders, Bartola Rodriguez and her husband Fausto Cruz.

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