Groups and classifications remain as follows after date 3 (final)

Goals, surprises and emotions have been experienced in the matches of this main stage of the 2024 Women’s Gold Cup, which takes place in the United States and brings together the toughest CONCACAF teams with the toughest CONMEBOL teams. But apart from title and glory, it’s a lot It is important to continue preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games as far as possible,

Although this tournament does not have much history and tradition In the first edition of the Women’s Gold Cup in 2002 and 2006, the competition served as a qualifier for the Women’s World Cup at the time., the idea is to make it an important tournament on the international women’s football calendar. do i know for this The classification format for teams from the central and northern parts of the American continent was changed to a full-scale Women’s World Cup through the CONCACAF W Championship.,

This tournament is organized by CONCACAF. Similar to the Copa America 2024 which is going to be held in the men’s branch and which brings together the usual 10 from CONMEBOL And is most prominent in the northern part of the American continent.

Standings Table Women’s Gold Cup 2024 – Date 3

Although In Group A, the United States, expected to make up the difference as indicated by its history, sprang a surprise on the zone final date as Mexico stormed home to win 2–0., In In Group B it looked like Colombia was going to beat Brazil, but they faced each other in the second game and ‘La Tricolore’ fell into debt. Canada’s dominance was seen in Group C, but on the last day everything was at stake for second and third place.

  1. Mexico 7 points. , +10
  2. United States of America 6 points. , +7 goals
  3. Argentina 4 digit. , – 1
  4. Dominican Republic 0 points. , – 16
  1. Brazil 9 points. , +7
  2. Colombia 6 points. , +7 goals
  3. Puerto Rico 3 points. , -2
  4. Panama 0 points. , – 12
  1. Canada | 9 points. , 13 goals
  2. Paraguay 4 digit. , -3
  3. Costa Rica 3 points. , -2
  4. El Salvador 1 point. , -8

2024 Women’s Gold Cup programming and dates

In the three groups, the first two in the table will advance and the two best third parties will join for the quarterfinal stage, hence, there is uncertainty till the last day as to who will be the best 8. For those who are not very aware, there will be a broadcast By Star+, which houses ESPN’s signal and operations team In addition to the rights to CONCACAF competitions.

date 1

Mexico 0-0 Argentina

United States 5-0 Dominican Republic

date 2

Dominican Republic 0-8 Mexico

Argentina 0-4 United States

date 3

Argentina 3-0 Dominican Republic

United States 0-2 Mexico

date 1

Colombia 6-0 Panama

Brazil 1-0 Puerto Rico

date 2

Puerto Rico 1-0 Panama

Colombia 0-1 Brazil

date 3

Colombia 2-0 Puerto Rico

brazil 5-0 panama

date 1

Costa Rica 0-1 Paraguay

Canada 6-0 El Salvador

date 2

Paraguay 0-4 Canada

El Salvador 0-2 Costa Rica

date 3

Canada 3-0 Costa Rica

El Salvador 1-1 Paraguay

The calendar will continue with the quarter-finals between March 2 and 3, the semi-finals on March 6 and the grand final on March 10.

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