Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal could play a couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown in a hit series

It seems we never say 2 without 3. Till today, Anne Hathaway And Jake Gyllenhaal They have two collaborations to their name: the first in 2005, as an unforgettable married couple. The Secret of Brokeback Mountain Of ang lee, She was a rich rodeo rider, he was a gay cowboy. The second romantic comedy is from 2010 love and Other Drugs manufactured by edward zwickWhere they play two independent beings who, despite the impossible dimension of their story, share a story with no future, before getting attached – isn’t this the secret ingredient of each rom-com Who respects himself?

In early 2024, Lee Sung JinCreator and creator of the series merciless (produced by A24 and Netflix), is experiencing an exciting awards season, as it has been crowned with success from the Emmys to the Spirit Awards. There is enough to increase the impatience of the audience in view of the new season, currently complete preparations are in place. And casting rumors are already everywhere on the web…

mercilessA multi-awarded series

The first season was awarded eight Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes.merciless (Or beef In its original version), unveiled on Netflix in April 2023 steven yun And Ali Wong Starring Danny Cho and Amy Lau, two strangers whose altercation while driving takes on completely incongruous dimensions until they end up up in arms. An absurd plot, filled with black humor and driven by the alchemy between its two actors, who sparkle with anger and ridicule. Both were also awarded for their respective performances.

Today, the latest casting rumors for the second season of the event series concern the two actors and two actresses who should play two couples in the midst of nervous breakdowns: Charles Melton (discovered in Riverdale or recently may december) And Kelly Spaeny (disclosed in) Priscillabiopic of Sofia Coppola Dedicated to the ex-wife ofElvis Presley) on one side, Anne Hathaway And Jake Gyllenhaal Other. Understand: two artists who are already used to collaborating together.

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