Grupo Miranza’s new aesthetic medicine unit

IMO Miranja Group Ophthalmology Clinicdedicated for more than thirty years Ophthalmology and fifteen years of experience aesthetic treatment for eyeslaunched the brand imo antiaging To expand the range of beauty and rejuvenation treatments offered to its patients, betting on innovative body and facial treatments Non-surgical and minimally invasive, they will be TeaThree doctors who specialize in ophthalmology aesthetics and dermatologists who will be part of the IMO Antiaging team, which has facilities located in a completely renovated area at the Barcelona headquarters of IMO Grupo Miranza, specifically designed to provide coverage for these services.

This has been given priority in the launch of this new unit State-of-the-art technology to be able to provide innovation, quality and accuracy to patients. In what sense, Amro KaiyaliDermatologist and IMO antiaging expert, “highlights the inclusion of cutting-edge tools, such as Potenza™ EquipmentA unique radiofrequency system with microneedles, which can be used on both the body and face Fight sagging, wrinkles or acne scars, in addition to rejuvenating the face. Another piece of equipment purchased for this new unit is PlexRA plasma generator, which allows to treat wrinkles, skin spots and scarsNon-surgical blepharoplasty is also performed to resolve some cases of bags under the eyes.

IMO is also committed to antiaging Regenerative and Integrative Medicine As therapy, platelet-rich plasma or (PRP), which is obtained from a simple blood collection from patient, which we centrifuge to separate the plasma,” Kaiyali explains. According to the expert, “This autologous plasma is rich in growth factors, which are proteins that, among other things, allow wound healing, healing of soft and bone tissues, or cell regeneration, It is an aesthetic solution indicated for the rejuvenation of the areas where it is applied and also for stretch marks, irritation or hair loss,

Aesthetic Treatments from IMO Grupo Miranza

These treatments also add to other treatments that were already part of it aesthetic medical services From IMO Miranja Group and which, from now on, are included in the new imo antiaging unitlike injection with neuromodulator To treat wrinkles, tension threads or fillers for facial areas, such as dark circles, jaw area or lips. All this, together with the devices that the clinic has introduced for a few years, such as the CO2 laser or the intense pulsed light (IPL), which allow Improves skin appearanceEliminating scars, wrinkles or acne scars, if the patient’s condition demands it.

Kaiyali explains that “The ultimate goal IMO Antiaging aims to help every patient find solutions Improves aesthetic problems or specific area and we can get it individual treatment “Or combinations of treatments, which we individualize on a case-by-case basis to suit each individual’s needs.”

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