Guatemala: Medical Center updates its doctors and prepares for the XXIII Scientific Week

The main objective of organizing Scientific Week in Medical Center Hospital is to keep the medical knowledge updated.

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This year, within the framework of the 75th anniversary of the Hospital Centro Médico, the XXXIII Scientific Week will be held in the Dr. José Fajardo Auditorium, from January 15 to 19 this year, with the central theme “Precision Medicine”. At the Medical Centre, Zone 10.

To briefly refer to “precision medicine” or personalized medicine, which is a type of medicine aimed at preventing, diagnosing, or treating a disease, through information provided by an individual’s human genes or proteins. is used to.

“Due to their genetics and particular conditions, a medication does not have the same effect on all people. “Precision medicine seeks to determine which drug is the most appropriate for a particular patient based on genetic and biological information,” commented Dr. Marco Vinicio Flores Beltane, coordinator of the XXIII Scientific Week of the Hospital Centro Médico.

Although this precision medicine is determined by genetics, it also includes the applications of new technologies, machine learning models, big data, advanced imaging, and robotic surgery that complement it.

“The main purpose of organizing a scientific week at the Medical Center Hospital is to keep medical knowledge up to date, to provide our doctors with tools that will provide them with more information about the continuous advances in medicine, to contribute to better attention to our patients. Do” indicated Dr. Marco Vinicio Flores Beltane, coordinator of the XXIII Scientific Week of the Hospital Centro Médico.

During this week, national and international presentations will be presented at conferences, which will be very valuable for our daily work; Similarly, research work competition will be organized in which Hospital Centro Medico and other national hospitals will participate.

Many areas of medicine will be taken into account, inviting professionals who provide their services inside and outside the hospital. To know the events, programs and how to participate, you can call 2279-4949 or visit the website, where the link to the XXIII Scientific Week appears, where you can follow the entire activity. Can participate. Virtually too.

“We hope that the efforts made to organize the XXIII Scientific Week will provide more knowledge to our doctors for the benefit of the patients of the Hospital Centro Medico, thus confirming our responsibility and commitment towards them,” said Dr. Marco Vinicio Flores. Concludes Belton, coordinator of the XXIII Scientific Week of the Hospital Centro Medico.

The medical center is characterized by providing high-level medical hospital services, being professional in each service area, continuous improvement of its systems and processes, permanent updates to doctors and customer service personnel, as well as permanent acquisition of high-tech equipment. Which contributes to your studies, diagnosis and patient care.

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