Guillermo Almada ‘blasts’ against TUDN reporter

after falling together striped Lost 3-2 and top Completion 2024Technician of pachuca‘Explosion’ against Guillermo Almada, a reporter from TUDN In the press conference after the match.

The helmsman seemed upset and even gestured “Give the trophy to Rayados”, Because he believed that the reporter was on the side of the gang.

What did you ask Almada?

Due to rights issues, striped I hand over the first question of the press conference. TUDNThe reporter was like this Vladimir Garcia Opened in the presence of Almada.

Inquiry of garcia The question is whether this match against Rayados has been Almada’s toughest coaching job so far this year. Completion 2024in which tuzos He arrived at BBVA as a super leader, and the helmsman took the question badly; The reporter even said that he had misunderstood.

“Okay, I’m going to give it to you, let’s see if you have easy rivals in this league. It is clear that it is not very steeped in the reality of Mexican football, because none of them are easy . And no one gave us anything to be in first place, no questionable play in any sport. I completely disagree with you.

“You said it was easy, if not the trophy stripedIn your opinion, give it to them… Yes, I misunderstood because you said the last four games were easy. They were not easy. do you think so blue loan it was easy? Xolos it was easy, Lion It’s simple, one of the most expensive insoles, Pumas. If this seems easy to you, no problem. Give him all the credit you want to give him and take it from others. It’s simple that way, but those of us who come here to play earn our own on the field. Nobody gave us anything.”

in Almada He later took the press conference a little more calmly, admitting that his team had a very poor first half, although he highlighted that they fought for the tie, but it was not to be.

“We did a very poor job in the first half and that’s the reality. In the second part we find out what is its quality striped And of course sometimes the youth tricked us into managing the game time a little… The reality is that in the first half we did not take the ball, we did not play, we did not defend, we gave the ball away Monterey And this is very dangerous… “I survive on courage, arrogance and the desire to get close to the scoreboard.”

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