Hailey Bieber already has the most coveted bag of 2024

hailey bieber Undoubtedly one of our primary fashion inspirations. Throughout her appearances, the American model makes and breaks trends with silhouettes featuring impeccable lines or conforming to trends. Athleisure Or preppy.

Why would we all want to wear Hailey Bieber’s new bag?

But often, all the power of her outfit lies in her accessories and especially her bags. The model’s latest notable acquisition? run the bag Signal phoebe philoOr the fastest model of the season.

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He retired from fashion 6 years ago when he left the artistic direction of the house. Celine, last October phoebe philo Made her comeback with the launch of her eponymous label and her first collection. Editing. Powerful is a word that characterizes a woman who is celebrated in the home. The designer infuses her silhouette with a cheeky casualness thanks to elegant pieces with just the right amount of spunk. We discovered a versatile wardrobe that includes its typical humor and sensuality creations Made to last like a new baghailey bieber, Minimalism and chic underline this new quilted model that joins the closed circle this-bag started by phoebe philo, Of the three offerings, the model chose the black version, which enhanced the casual look she wore to attend a Lakers match in Los Angeles. Kendall Jenner On 16 January. She wore a brown knit sweater and jeans under a leather trench coat, an upturned cap, and signature heeled loafers Miu Miu,

Where to find the Phoebe Philo Drive bag worn by Hailey Bieber?

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