Hailey Bieber’s frosty smokey trend is too glamorous to embrace

the farewell smoky eyes, This winter, mattes have been pushed to the background, giving way to the cool shadows of the ’90s. The retro trend is resurgent, fueled by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Doja Cat, who have given it a new life. Perfect for winter, it brings the trend sparkling touch And makes your makeup shine. A trend that evokes nostalgia for both 90s and fresh modernity, So, are you ready to embrace this trend that gives your eyes a bright winter glow?

Return of Winter Shadow:

For those fans of the new millennium who missed the early craze, frosty shadow The focus is on cool colors like lavender, lilac, icy blue, mint, silver and pale pink, all in frosted metallic finishes. ’90s celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Britney, and Brandy helped popularize this trend, which is making a comeback after a thirty-year hiatus.

Frosted Light:

Leading trends of 2024 :It makes sense that our obsession with all things glitter shines through to our eyelashes. Skin will become radiant and glowing Respect in 2024, And the frosty shade matches perfectly with this trend. She fits the “cold girl” look trending this winter, with dewy skin and cool lashes that feel like a fresh exit from the ski slopes. Cultural moments like enthusiasm also continue To impress our makeup, with a third season confirmed. The series offers us many references to apply pastel shimmer and glitter on the eyelids.

An easy trend to adopt:

When it comes to trends, it’s easy to like. It’s playful, cute and offers more wearable ways to make our makeup more personal and interesting. The key to keeping it modern is to mix textures to give it a fresh touch. A shiny base matches perfectly Frosty metallic color on lids. Or, wear it with bright lips and soft-matte finish skin. Finish by applying plenty of mascara to the lashes to maintain definition and make them look fuller.

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