Hailey Bieber’s pantless archive photos surface and we are left speechless

Super Bowl evening on February 11 still holds a few style secrets for Hailey Bieber.

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In the stands with her boyfriend Justin, we could see Hailey wrapped in a Saint-Laurent leopard fur coat throughout the match. However, her stylist Danny Mitchell posted some closely guarded photos of the look the entrepreneur wore to the after-party of the biggest football match of the season.

In these few photos, Hailey Bieber is a true femme fatale, choosing a pantless look.

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Dressed all in black, Hailey shows off her long legs in the shortest shorts available, paired with sheer pantyhose that resemble panties exactly.

To balance it all out, the model covered herself with a long coat. adding a little extra to the factor Cold The Look: Tall black oval sunglasses.

The whole thing makes him look like an action movie spy!

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