LeBron James had a great treat with the Argentina national team and Scaloni went viral for an incredible incident

nba It has a magnet, because it usually attracts the attention of celebrities from other sports, as well as music stars or famous actors. At most events you can spot a famous person cheering from the stands, as happened this Sunday night Los Angeles Lakers, Who was there? World Champion: The argentina national team The football team took advantage of their stay in North America to see this Lebron James, who repaid that visit in kind. And if that wasn’t enough, Lionel Scaloni Starred in an incredible episode.

Albiceleste is located angel To play the second friendly match of their tour usa, after beating guard And while you wait Costa RicaThe skoloneta He tried to find some distraction while attending a game in the most dominant basketball league on the planet.

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Los Angeles Lakers get Indiana Pacers and they had luxury guests crypto.com arenaWhere the team that won the glory qatar 2022 He closely monitored every activity of LeBron and company. thoroughly King He was in the news for making a decision that seems no simple coincidence: one of the sneakers he used was light blue and white, the colors of the Argentine flag; The other was yellow, which is the team’s traditional clothing.

lebron’s special shoes

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Scaloni gave an incredible event

Around the stadium, rumors spread about the presence of the world champions, so many sports fans waited in the entrance area to pass them. In the prelude there were many autographs, photographs and expressions of gratitude to the team that has not stopped winning recently (America’s Cup, very last And World,

However, the news which soon went viral described the coach as the hero of the scene. When he arrived, he saw a piece of clothing that attracted him and he realized he had no money available, so he immediately asked his field assistant, Pablo Aimar: “I will buy that sweatshirt now. Pablo, can you Do you have money to pay for it?” ,

Upon receiving negative feedback from Joker (as it is known in the football world), stopped walking to tell the salesman not to leave the place because at the end of the game they would return to make the purchase.

Lakers won

The Lakers had not scored so many points in a game since 1987, and they left behind the best offense in the league with an offensive singalong: the Pacers who lead nba in points per game (the result for the local team was 150–145).

Without D’Angelo Russell for illness, anthony davis He led the Purple and Gold with 36 points and 16 rebounds. Lebron James He followed it up with 26 points and 10 assists; spencer dinwiddieAs the starting point guard, he had his best performance with the Lakers with 26 points; And Austin Reeves He contributed 25 points and 8 assists.

Indiana had eight players (40-32) score in double figures. pascal siakam On top (36 points and 12 rebounds). Tyrese Haliburton He had 12 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists for the Pacers, who will look for revenge when they host the Lakers at home on Friday.

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