Hannah White and Olivia Dunn raise the temperature on Instagram with gym photos

Famous gymnast and LSU star, olivia dunndid a photo session with the athlete hannah white Which set social networks on fire and even had millions of followers consider it “the greatest collaboration ever”.

Through my Instagram account, hannah whiteWho has more than 243 thousand followers, shared a photo gallery in the gym University of LouisianaPosing in different positions.

The impressive photo between Olivia Dunn and Hannah White

However, within the set of photographs white standing next to one olivia dunnWhere both of them were taking photos in front of the mirror wearing sportswear, this picture got all the love from their followers.

Hannah White poses in the LSU gym.

Instagram: @hannahhwhite__

Within hours of being published, it received over 20,000 likes and hundreds of compliments in the comments; even olivia Greeted him: “New recruit in the LSU gym.”

These are some of the comments on the publication of “The Biggest Collaboration Ever”, Don’t Kid Us! Hannah White.

Hannah White and Olivia Dunn posing in front of the mirror

Instagram: @hannahhwhite__

Olivia Dunn and her muscle recovery routine

University gymnastics, olivia dunnhas become one of the sports celebrities usa However, due to his skill and strict training regimen, he also possesses recovery secrets that allow him to compete at the highest level.

However, the gymnast LSU He used his social networks to reveal the secrets of recovery after an intense routine; In a video, she shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her grueling training and competition routine with her followers.

Gymnast Olivia Dunn reveals the secrets to optimal muscle recovery.

in your account TIC TocToo influential person She shared a snippet of her post-workout routine with a massage emoji and the message “Much needed.”

Dunne She is a gymnast and has a lot of pressure on her due to her intense activity academically and in sports, so she has a rigorous recovery regime depending on her skill level.

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