Happy to go into nursing instead of medicine because of EBAU grades

A few months ago, when Alejandra Castellanos realized her world was falling apart ebau note -An almost flawless 13.2- wasn’t enough Enter Medicine Degree, She received the news through a TikTok video she posted with her friends, in which she burst into tears after learning the final result.

A few weeks later, this newspaper spoke to her and asked which path she was going to take: Repeat EBAU Choose an alternative itinerary for admission to medicine or Enroll in another career university. She chose the latter option and began studying nursing.

I am happy in Nursing instead of taking admission in Medicine.

The first semester is about to end, Castellanos tells us this She couldn’t be happier with her decision., So much so that he has completely rejected the option of switching to medicine, and wants to fully develop his professional career take care,

“The first days were the most decisive, because I realized I had performed well,” he explains. Gradually he realized thatThey liked the content of the degree And she was happy imagining herself in the said health branch.

give special importance to practical and emotional dimensions of many materials, which despite Medicine degree shared withA less theoretical approach is approached which has more appeal to this student.

Prejudices and Stereotypes about Nursing

She herself admits that her initial disappointment was the result of ignorance and prejudice against nursing, and that her initial perceptions were very different from reality: “At first I was under the impression that nursing was a poor profession. For those who could not access medicine, and that the doctor was the wisest. I was given wrong information,

“At first I had this idea that nursing was an inferior position for people who didn’t get into medicine, and doctors were the most intelligent. I was misinformed.”

However, it only took a few months for her to erase these notions from her mind and feel comfortable: “I learned what a nurse does and had more contact with patients. i think it’s more beautiful,

But she’s not the only one who fell head first into prejudice. your current ccareer friendwhat they have accepted a great support For him, during these months, they were in the same situation as when they started university: “They couldn’t get in, they were upset and then they went through the same situation as me, which is ultimately what they are liking. In the end we Understand each other.”

Advice to the student who does not enter medicine

After some time and with a new perspective, Castellanos watched on more than one occasion the video he had recorded with his friends. If she could talk to the version of herself that couldn’t stop her tears, she would be very clear that she would tell him that “the world is not ending” and that “everything the effort has been worth itBecause it’s a very good grade,” he says.

Both the degree for which he has completed his studies and maturity attained Thanks to this process, Castellanos feels “very proud” of herself. He believes that, if he had eventually secured a place in the medicine degree, may not have been reported Therefore, the work that nurses do and will continue to do will be ‘victims’ of the same stigmas that they had to face a few months ago.

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