He bought a roasted chicken from a shop and when he opened it, he found something disgusting in it.

Woman says Costco rotisserie chicken was sold to her in damaged condition. Credit: Shutterstock

One of the most popular and best-selling products in Costco stores is roast chicken because at a fairly affordable price, you get a meal for the whole family and many people enjoy it because it tastes good.

By: El Diario NY

However, on social networks, the bad experience that a Costco member in Sonora, Mexico had a few days ago after buying a roast chicken went viral, causing many people to become concerned and question the quality and safety of the products. This famous chain of wholesale shops.

The woman uploaded a video she recorded on social media, showing roasted chicken inside a bag of Costco’s own brand Kirkland’s, claiming it was in poor condition.

The customer reported that he had purchased a roasted chicken a day earlier and when he opened it to eat, he noticed that there were larvae and a fly inside the bag and on the product.

You can read the full note here NY Journal

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