He calls for 19 years in jail for “Tinder rapist” in France

Salim Berrada (Photo: Leparisien)

in the prosecutor’s office Paris asked for a prison sentence of 19 years this Thursday Salim BerradaKnown as a “rapist” by the French press by Tinder” He allegedly raped or sexually assaulted 17 women between 2014 and 2016.

The trial began on Monday and the Paris court will hand down the sentence on Friday night.

It is a very “severe” sentence – the maximum sentence is 20 years – for a man who “destroyed 17 lives”, said Attorney General Philippe Kouroye.

According to him, the punishment is appropriate based on the number of victims. 38 year old photographer He was attracted to her home through dating apps.

The accused described by Kouroye An “insatiable egoistic hunter”Denies all facts.

Berrada appeared “obstinate” and “entrenched in the concreteness of his denials” before the complainants, who took the stand with their “wounds still open”, condemning the prosecutor.

who is the accused He proposed a photo session in his studio, states that all relationships were consensual. He told investigators that his 17 accused might have repented after the encounters and agreed to jointly file a complaint against him. Some women, mostly in their 30s, did not attend Monday’s testing. One of his lawyers said of his client that “he does not have the psychological strength to come forward.”

The complainants on Thursday listened to the prosecutor as he recounted each of their stories to describe the almost identical modus operandi of the accused, who He came to France, originally from Morocco, when he was 20.

Palace of Justice in Paris

The magistrate highlighted several aspects of this “exceptional case”: the accused’s “very developed, complex and compulsive modus operandi”, the “extreme dangerousness” of this “predator”, “Addicted to sex and hunting.”

“He is dangerous” because “he has no capacity for introspection,” the prosecutor said, reminding that the accused has been charged with similar acts in another case.

Investigators claimed to have identified an “industrial-type” pattern in the online tactics employed by Berrada, they said, He used his reputation as a photographer to attract women, Through meticulously detailed steps in an Excel sheet, he promised his victims photo sessions. The spreadsheet contained lists of key phrases he used to attract, flatter, and proposition women he recruited en masse over the Internet, and told them they were “irresistible” or his “muse.” .

According to prosecutors, when they arrived for her modeling session, she offered them drinks. Once they agreed, the women said they felt an unusually strong intoxication and sudden weakness, the researchers reported. Chemical drugs were mixed in the drink. The women then described a sudden change in Berrada’s attitude and said that he pressured them despite their objections.

Berada was first arrested in 2016 and spent two and a half years in prison awaiting trial before being released under judicial supervision and banned from working as a photographer. He was jailed again last July after a new wave of judicial complaints and again accused of rape and sexual assault. Investigation into new allegations is ongoing.

(With information from AFP)

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