He replaces Suseli Morfa, the “millionaire psychologist” in Matanzas

The provincial government of Matanzas confirmed the replacement. Suseli Morfa GonzalezKnown among Cubans as “Millionaire Psychologist”Who had served as the First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in that region since 2022.

A new one this Saturday First Secretary in the Provincial Committee of the Party in Matanzas, is about mario felipe sabines lorenzoWho served as the governor of the province.

Provincial Government of Matanzas

Sabines (52 years old) is an industrial engineer and a Master in Business Administration. He has 27 years of experience in administrative management and is a deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power.

The government emphasized that “have political qualities” And they assure that “he knows how to carry out the tasks that correspond to him in the leadership of the party.”

Furthermore, he explains that he completed a Diploma in Public Administration, Management and Business Management, and if that was not enough, he “also obtained a degree” Training in the Central Committee of the Party,

Suseli Morfa Gonzalezwas the head of PCC’s top leadership in Matanzas Less than two years. Now the government says he will be “assigned other responsibilities” at a higher level.

His illustrious career in politics in Cuba has been on the rise since 2015, when he made headlines in the independent press. US summit in PanamaWhere he shouted that he had paid to go to that country from his salary.

At that time, the salary of the “Millionaire Psychologist” was equivalent to about $20 per month, but today it may be much less taking into account the inflation in the country, where this Saturday one dollar is worth 335 pesos.

He Suseli’s media debutShouting and gesticulating wildly to “protect the inevitable”, led him in less than a year to direct Youth Communist Association By 2020. After two years in Matanzas to lead the PCC and two years living there, we will soon see what office the regime sends him to. central committee,

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