Bill Gates and Sam Altman reveal the three industries where ChatGPT is most useful

Officials discussed the role of AI today

In the latest edition of Bill Gates’ ‘Unconfused Me’ podcast, the technology pioneer and creator of Microsoft had an interesting conversation with Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, about the progress of artificial intelligence.

conversation of Gates and Altman highlighted a bold prediction focusing on future prospects and society’s adaptation to this innovative technology: Current artificial intelligence systems will be considered the most basic in view of future advancements,

During the exchange, Shared with Altman door The three areas where ChatGPT proved most useful were: As expected, there was programming in the education and health sectors as well.

“Programming is probably the area we are most excited about today from a productivity enhancement standpoint. “At this point, it has been deployed extensively and used extensively,” Altman noted in Unconfused Me.

Entrepreneurs believe that artificial intelligence is in the early stages of development. (I’m confused / Photo courtesy: Infobay)

He later added, “Healthcare and education are two areas where we’re seeing potential use growth, and it’s something that really excites us.”

Besides, Altman has commented that chatgpt Cannot perform some tasks or functions that need to be performed by humans, because they are irreplaceable by a machine, However, some jobs will soon experience all the benefits that chatbots can provide them.

According to the CEO of OpenAI, ChatGPT is able to significantly increase the efficiency of programmers, allowing them to complete their tasks three times faster. This is due to their ability to quickly review code, find errors, write test cases, and even create new code from scratch.

For Altman, The key word is to “help” these professionals simplify their work. However, for this specific group that has experimented with GPT-4 and according to various studies, the bot presents a ratio of wrong answers close to 50% in its attempts.

The increase in productivity has been one of the most favorable points of ChatGPT. (X:Sama)

In addition to making it easier for programmers to get more done in less time, Altman says it’s intended to boost productivity and give people more freedom to focus on innovation. “At this higher level of abstraction, using greater cognitive capacity, they now have the opportunity to direct their thoughts toward completely different aspects,” he said.

system Artificial intelligence has the potential to help teachers create curriculum And in adapting certain lessons for those students who need special attention.

ChatGPT, in particular, can become a valuable tool for both self-study and acquisition of new languages ​​in various fields.

During the program Late Gates highlights the benefits ChatGPT brings to teachers and its ability to support remote communities Or marginalized. “AI will reach the level of being able to provide tutoring as effectively as any human being,” Gates announced at an event.

Gates is known for his participation in major education conferences. (Instagram: thisisbillgates)

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to not only act as a digital assistant in administrative tasks but also to provide consultation or second opinion in real time.

However, Documented bugs in the tool make it challenging to fully rely on it.

Similarly, in the medical field, some pharmaceutical companies are beginning to use this artificial intelligence to facilitate and automate the processes involved in the research and discovery of new drugs, as Gates pointed out.

For Altman, the application of this technology in the pharmaceutical field is just the beginning and promises to be an important element in the future of healthcare.

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