He returned to Miami with Antonella Roccuzzo and their children.

holidays end in argentina For Lionel Messi, This Saturday night, Rosary beadsthe crack that works inter miami He boarded his private plane with his family and returned to his home usaTo be fully involved in preseason work with your team.

Thus the national team captain ended his relaxing time in Santa Fe with the safety of his loved ones. Met Day, barbecues, sports and the swimming pool, events with his friends and constant training to not lose his physical rhythm were Leo’s daily routine since his arrival in the country on December 17.

Apart from this, we will also spend Christmas and New Year holidays together. Antonella RoccuzzoLeo, along with his three children and his closest relatives, was able to enjoy attending the wedding of his sister-in-law, his wife’s younger sister.

Thanks to the calendar of MLS, Leo was able to spend these weeks in Rosario without thinking about defining commitments as he did when playing in Europe, in the middle of the evolution of the league and a few days before the start of the final stage. First. Of the Champions League.

Leo boards the transport that takes him to his private plane.  Photo: Juan Jose Garcia.Leo boards the transport that takes him to his private plane. Photo: Juan Jose Garcia.

Now it is Messi’s turn to go face to face again with his teammates in the team he leads Gerardo Tata Martinowhich will symbolize the long-awaited reunion with his partner Luis Suarez, 2024 will be a year of great challenges for his career, knowing that he is going through his final chapter.

Messi aims to become champion of MLS in 2023 after a disappointing finish to the year. It so happens that Leo arrived in Miami in August, while the competition had already started, and his team was in last place in its conference, far from the classification zone.

Messi and his departure from Rosario airport just after 11pm on Saturday night.  Photo: Juan Jose Garcia.Messi and his departure from Rosario airport just after 11pm on Saturday night. Photo: Juan Jose Garcia.

after winning league cup 2023The Lightning Tournament that meant the first title of the Young Pink Institute, the efforts of the leaders tata martino This was not enough to recover in the league, and they watched the final on TV, where the Columbus Crew were crowned champions.

Before the official start, Inter Miami will play several friendly matches: the first of them will be on Friday the 19th, against el salvador national teamon Salvadoran soil, and a few days later, on Monday the 22nd, he would visit fc dallas At the Cotton Bowl Stadium.

Messi's official debut will be on 21 February.  Photo: Reuters/Marco Bello.Messi’s official debut will be on 21 February. Photo: Reuters/Marco Bello.

Then, the Herons will travel to Saudi Arabia, where they will face al hilal (without Neymar Jr., injured) and al nassar From Cristiano Ronaldo, on Monday 1/29 and Thursday 1/2 respectively. It is also scheduled to be received on Thursday 2/15 Newell’s At their stadium, DRV PNK in Fort Lauderdale.

Messi’s official debut will take place on Wednesday 2/21 at 10:00 pm (Argentina time) at home, playing against Royal Salt Lake A kind of “inaugural match” of the league, the only match of the day, and with a possible tribute to the 10 who will make their debut as winners of the eight Ballon d’Ors.

Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, a perfect partnership at Barcelona.  Photo: Reuters/Susana Vera.Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, a perfect partnership at Barcelona. Photo: Reuters/Susana Vera.

A few days later, at the official start of the competition, Inter Miami will travel to the far west of the region to face LA Galaxy: It will take place on Sunday 2/25 at 10:30 pm (Argentine time) at the Dignity Health Sports Park Stadium in Los Angeles.

All Inter Miami games in MLS 2024

  • 2/21 Miami vs. Salt Lake
  • 2/25 LA vs Miami
  • 2/3 Miami vs Orlando
  • 10/3 Miami vs. Montreal
  • 3/16 DC vs Miami
  • 3/23 New York vs Miami
  • 3/30 Miami vs. NYC
  • 6/4 Miami vs. Colorado
  • 4/13 Kansas City vs. Miami
  • 4/20 Miami vs Nashville
  • 4/27 New England vs. Miami
  • 4/5 Miami vs New York
  • 11/5 Montreal vs Miami
  • 15/5 Orlando vs Miami
  • 5/18 Miami vs DC
  • 5/25 Vancouver vs Miami
  • 6/15 Philadelphia vs. Miami
  • 6/19 Miami vs. Columbus
  • 6/29 Nashville vs Miami
  • 3/7 Charlotte vs. Miami
  • 6/7 cincinnati vs miami
  • 7/17 Miami vs. Toronto
  • 7/20 Miami vs. Chicago
  • 24/8 miami vs cincinnati
  • 8/31 Chicago vs Miami
  • 9/14 Miami vs. Philadelphia
  • 9/18 Atlanta vs Miami
  • 9/21 NYC vs Miami

Inter Miami and CONCACAF Champions dates

For the first time in the competition, Messi’s team will face the best team in CONCACAF (at the level of Champions in Europe or the Libertadores in South America) against an opponent that emerged from the clash between nashville More from MLS say somethingRepresentative of the Dominican Republic. inter miami The rival is waiting, but has already confirmed the dates of that crossing: he will have a visitor on 7/3 at 11:00 (Argentine time) and on 13/3 at 9:15 (Argentine time) Will define as a home team).

League Cup after Copa America

MLS teams will eventually play a tournament that will bring together all the teams in the league Liga MX, which had crowned Inter Miami as champions in the previous edition. will play Between July 26 and August 25, the date of the finals, and three places will again be awarded for CONCACAF Champions. This year, Messi’s team will be rewarded for starting their way to the Round of 16, without having to play in the previous zone.

In 2023, the tournament played 77 matches with an attendance of approximately 1.3 million fans. The competition was intense, in an action-packed format with an average of 3.26 goals scored per game.

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