He signed with Atlético de Madrid, it costs 102 million and wants to become 9 del Tri

selection Mexican It has a range of interesting players as options. something like that in three james juicy He has seen with good eyes. since the arrival of Julian quinones This was meant to open the way for natural football players. And ‘Jimmy’ pointed to the striker America As a player who has different characteristics from the players in the team.

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In this case we are talking about the player who at that time signed a contract with athletic Of madridAccording to espn, However, the Spanish team decided to give him a taste of national football. To the extent of being a valuable player within union mx to the extent of being signed by striped,

we refer to German berteraam Who again commented on his intention to join the Mexican National Team when asked about the issue of his naturalization process. player value is 102 million pesos, according to Transfermarkt. So the ‘Jimmy’ team may need ‘The Inventor’.

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Bertram could be a new addition to El Tri

journalists like hector Botanic Garden He has indicated that Germain Bertram is one of the players planning to join El Tri alongside Julian Quinones. So everything indicates that in the time of Jaime Lozano, the 9 of Rayados could be the next natural player to be able to make it to the national team.

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