Rihanna is at the center of inspiration for Louis Vuitton’s campaign

martin simsCampaign Director of louis vuitton, returned to her inspirations for the French brand in Complex’s microphones. she claims to take Rihanna As a model for the production of campaign videos louis vuitton,

Rihanna, more than a music icon

martin sims made a surprising revelation to Complex this Wednesday. brand campaign manager louis vuitton admitted to being inspired by Rihanna During the LV campaign. During a reflection, the artist thought about photos of Rihanna walking down the street with a glass of wine in hand. It was these images and the energy they exuded that allowed him to envision the spring/summer campaign louis vuitton, “II was thinking about all those wonderful photos of her walking down the street with a glass of wine » Describes the artist.

During the campaign, coffee replaced the glass of wine Rihanna is pregnant. Martyn Sims considers Barbadian a symbol of the people, Recently, it is Lebron James Who became the face of the French luxury brand: ” LeBron’s skin is perfect. He is in top form. And I don’t feel like we can always look at black people the same way » Justified Martine Sims. LeBron James is starting to get used to the requests from Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton. The American basketball player collaborated with Pharrell and LV just last October.

A new luxury outfit for one of the best basketball players in history.

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