What did former Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba die of? She was in her apartment in Medellin

Pieda Cordoba. Bogota April 6, 2017. Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra-Semana Magazine. , Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra

Former senator Piedad Córdoba was in his apartment in the city of Medellín, where, according to initial versions, he suffered a heart attack. They managed to take her to a clinic, but according to reports, she recovered without any vital symptoms.

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At the age of 69, it was known about some health problems that affected the former Congress president, although, according to what was known, it was a heart attack that suddenly ended Piedad Córdoba’s life. Even a few hours ago she was active on her social networks with comments and opinions on issues of national interest, such as the takeover and recapture of the Palace of Justice in Bogotá.

“So, Magistrate Uran comes out alive, is welcomed by the army, then he is brutally murdered and his body is placed in the ruins of the Palace of Justice. Do we have a serious debate on historical revisionism? Move forward, but first get over historical negationism,” are the last opinions Córdoba expressed just hours before his death.

Notably, the former senator was transferred to a clinic in the city of Medellin for emergency care, but doctors confirmed that he already had no significant symptoms. Everything is part of the preliminary verification that is being done regarding the deaths of the congresswomen.

There are many voices of condolence regarding the death of the former senator, among them that of the President of the Republic himself, Gustavo Petro, who assured that she was a woman who had to fight many battles and this one, especially against her health, She went missing while he was relaxing in his apartment in the capital of Antioquia.

Colombia’s senator Piedad Córdoba passes away

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