He told that Sports Illustrated has fired its entire staff.

Richard Deitsch of Front Office Sports (FOS) and The Athletic revealed that staff From the acclaimed sports magazine Sports Illustrated This Friday he received a E-mail In which he was told that soon they will dismiss,

According to the email leaked by Deitsch, this is the result of a confrontation Which happened between Authentic Brand Group (abg), the licensing group that owns the Sports Illustrated brand and gujarati groupA group that had the authority to publish and operate the product.

According to reports, abg he decided to cancel He agreement what did i have gujarati groupwhich was in charge of publishing Sports Illustrated in print and digital form, this happened because the latter “failed to pay $2.8 million, which violated the licensing agreement.”

“Authentic Brand Group (abg) informed us that License Under which Arena Group operates the Sports Illustrated (SI) brand and SI-related assets are officially held canceled By ABG. As a result of this license revocation, We will fire employees working in SI brand“, reads Arena’s email.

Friction between Authentic and Arena

On the other hand, FOS adds it Not happy with the way Authentic Arena Ha Managed Sports Illustrated In recent years, there have been numerous layoffs, firing of its best talents and where there have also been frequent “leadership” changes.

Despite the tense situation, FOS assures that “none of two it’s clear yes authentic will search still new operator or if Will negotiate a new agreement with Arena”, However he comments that the ABG aims to finalize any proposals as quickly as possible.

The union expressed its views

He employee unionpublishing housel threw one release and asked ABG to somehow allow Sports Illustrated to continue publishing so as not to have to carry out the massive layoffs initiated by The Arena Group.

“This is another tough day in a tough four years for Sports Illustrated under the leadership of Arena Group (formerly The Maven). We ask ABG to ensure continued publication of S“And allow you to serve our audiences as you have done for nearly 70 years.”

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