Health announces recall of toys for girls from the market

Silver rhinestone tiaras sold on Amazon for girls to play princesses have been recalled due to lead contamination, the health department said.

“Information | “Citizens are alerted to recall lead-contaminated items sold in online stores from January 2021 to November 2023,” said the message published in X.

it’s about Yaomiao Children’s Rhinestone Silver Tiaras, Featuring pink and silver details.

“The consumer is urged to return the product immediately. Reduce the risk of exposure!”, continues the message published by Salud.

Children under the age of 6 are more likely to be exposed to lead poisoning and have fatal effects on their health because of direct exposure to the metal by swallowing or breathing lead or lead dust where they live. Live. , play or learn. Due to this, lead easily enters the blood.

Lead exposure can cause permanent damage to a child’s development, affecting their learning, attention and academic performance.

For more information, you are encouraged to visit the Department of Health portal,, or call 787-765-2929, ext. 3219, or write to:

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