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Chihuahua.- The increasingly recurring and almost essential use of technology to carry out many human activities in various sectors of the modern world has become a common practice that facilitates their development and makes them more efficient, including police activities resulting in There is better public safety performance.

This has not been the exception in the Municipality of Chihuahua, as the implementation of cutting-edge technology in the region has significantly reduced the incidence of crime in the main crimes: home robbery, business robbery, car robbery and commercial robbery among others of equal importance.

In 2018, the Chihuahua Shield Platform (PECU) was inaugurated, with the aim of improving virtual surveillance in the city, as well as contributing video-recorded material to investigations conducted by the state authority, which in turn could provide evidence. serves as. Public Ministry and thanks to which important cases have been brought before the judicial authority.

In addition to more than 1,500 cameras installed at strategic points of the urban area, as well as Totems placed in trailers, parks and main thoroughfares, Halcon I helicopters and other equipment that contribute to security, drones and platforms were also acquired. To operate by air.

Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, these devices act as air police and are used to track vehicles or people over wide distances or to search for injured people in hills or wooded areas Where human access is difficult.

The capital’s police drones make it possible to reduce risks for personnel involved in high-impact incidents and can replace the Halkon I helicopter in some situations, in addition to visits to rural communities, sporting events and dams and water bodies .

Furthermore, from the ground, experts can also inspect areas that are classified as risky before entering, for example, where an explosion or fire has occurred, to inspect the affected area.

For its management and maintenance, the Air Operations Unit of the Public Security Directorate has five licensed drone pilots duly certified by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency; Among them, two were aviators by profession, one a meteorologist and two commanders of the city police.

Aviator pilot Mauricio Ferreiro López, belonging to the above group, explained that from March 2018 to today, several hundred operations and rescues have been carried out with these devices, and more than a thousand interventions, since they have thermal cameras. Which allow the location of people or objects both during the day and at night.

The four drones that the DSPM has, have a flight autonomy of up to 50 minutes and an attack radius of between 10 and 15 kilometers depending on environmental conditions and are easy to assemble and quick to respond, the official said. Are. , In an emergency.


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