Her favorite hyaluronic acid serum erases 45% of wrinkles in less than 4 hours

For Natalie Portman, aging doesn’t have to mean lose your beauty, Due to her international celebrity status, the actress has the means to afford the best in terms of care. So he chose a super-effective serum to remove wrinkles, In fact, the guy playing Thor’s companion looks younger than ever.

Is 42 years oldNatalie Portman is at the peak of his career, Behind him, there are masterpieces like black Swan or saga star wars, Before him, a bright future, far away from the suffering of age against which we all fight. Goodbye wrinkles for the actress, thanks to one of her favorite brands: Dior.

Natalie Portman, loyal to Dior

The great French house has specialized in beauty for many decades. In fact, we even decide to adopt a Dior product by choosing it information about france, An opportunity for the biggest stars to get that “French touch” they love. And, since Natalie Portman shares the life of a French dancer, Benjamin MillepiedAnd lives in Paris, you can go out too!

That’s why it’s armed hyalushot total capture As the actress prepares for her red carpet. Recently Natalie Portman attended the 81st Golden Globe Awards. For the occasion, she wore casual outfits and hired her favorite make-up artist, lisa story, to make it even more beautiful than before. It was the latter who revealed all the products she used to achieve the actress’ natural and glamorous look.

Natalie Portman’s face attracts attention

In the list, we did not find only dior products, given that the image is Natalie Portman. Apart from this, the actress did not choose any other label for her clothes. Actually, he did a sport long evening dress Also signed by Dyer. So the bottom line is that the beautiful brunette conquered the red carpet and the glare of photographers.

As always, mom gave an outstanding performance smooth, wrinkle-free face, With her hair slicked back, she clearly wanted to show off her beautiful face. And with good reason, because she looked 10 years younger than her age. As always, the star looked serious and shy.

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Natalie Portman’s favorite serum

So it would be thanks to Capture Total HyaluShot Serum that the actress would have smoothened her face. In fact, this Dior product containshyaluronic acid, a real star of this moment. Natalie Portman is not the only woman to succumb to this ingredient. It must be said that with its properties moisturizing And plumpingThis product has something to get curious people talking.

Hyaluronic acid isn’t the only thing responsible for this serum’s little miracle. combined with a peptide And thisLongosa Extract, it promises to erase all signs of aging in record time. As Natalie Portman proved, it’s ideal when you find yourself in the spotlight. So, if you want to get the same look as the actress, you know what you need to do.

Total HyaluShot, Capture Dior, 95 euros.

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