Her friend is proud of her work for justice!

Kim Kardashian’s best friend, La La Anthony, recently praised her for her commitment to justice!

Several years ago, Kim Kardashian decided starting a new project, She announced that she was going to return to school to become a lawyer. Even if he stops the latter, he remains committed to justice.

“I admire everything he’s done

Kim Kardashian has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. Like the latter, he began studying law. But due to his very busy schedule, he has stopped this project for now.

On the other hand, she helps her best friend La La Anthony a lot. In fact, the latter can rely on the mother’s knowledge accumulated during his studies.

In an interview with People, La La Anthony announced Creation of his non-profit ThreeSixty, The latter supervises young black men aged 18 to 21 imprisoned at Rikers Island, New York.

And at least we can say that Kim Kardashian had a lot of help in developing this project. The actress revealed: “It’s great to have a best friend you can bounce ideas off of or say, ‘What do you think?’ ,,

Before continuing: “Sometimes they’re asked, ‘What does the law say about this?’ Because he I am studying to become a lawyer, so it’s great to say, ‘Hey, what does the law say in this situation? Or what will you do here?’ ,,

Kim Kardashian’s best friend reveals: “I mean, it’s nice to talk and have someone like that by my side. And I admire all the wonderful things she does, and she also comes To give full support to ThreeSixty, ,

Kim Kardashian is very active in justice related matters

The world of justice continues to fascinate Kim Kardashian. The latter also prompted current Donald Trump to commute the sentences of several women jailed for drug-related crimes.

The reality TV contestant also received a “Baby Bar” test. Apart from her studies, she continued to take care of her business as well as her family life. Lately, she couldn’t keep up.

This is why he decided to discontinue his studies. It should be said that he does not need the title of lawyer Consider several court cases.

Thanks to them, a young man was able to receive a full scholarship to Columbia University in less than a year after his release. Kim Kardashian has it too Makes a very specific observation.

He also admitted: “It’s really amazing that when you get them out of prison and put them in the right environment, with the right opportunities, love and support, incredible things can happen.”,

Regarding the young men she sponsors, Mother declares: “At this age, they are still very young. When you talk to them, especially if you have kids of your own, you become more compassionate.”,

And to conclude: “I think any one of our kids could make a wrong decision find yourself in a similar situation, ,