Here’s how to recreate Hailey Bieber’s glazed lips with this product for less!

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Recreating Hailey Bieber’s “Frozen Donut” lips is child’s play. supporting evidence !

bright lips

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bright lips

Between the strawberry makeup and the clean girl look… Hailey Bieber never stops setting trends. The founder of the cosmetics brand Rhode, Justin Bieber’s wife, has made makeup a real institution. And she doesn’t hide it! Kendall Jenner’s best friend on the social network TikTok does not hesitate to share beauty tutorial, This also includes creating his signature “Glazed Lips”, a glazed mouth similar in appearance to a creamy doughnut.

The Product Used to Create Hailey Bieber’s Glazed Lips

In fact, in a video shared on the Chinese platform in August 2023, the beautiful blonde explains how to achieve her Everyday lip makeup. Facing the camera, she then begins to draw her mouth using a nude pencil. Starting from the outline, she draws a thin line down the center of her lips, to create more dimension. Then, she applies a layer of her Rhode brand lip balm. A product that has gone viral, but which is not in everyone’s budget.


The Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treat will launch on 8/28 at 9am PST. 🍓☺️ @Road Skin

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That’s where Lanolips comes in. The Australian cosmetics brand has recently unveiled a new hydrating lip balm, 101 Glazed Donut. Its goal? Provide a unique glow leaving a glow to be envied delicious perfume on your way, Containing ultra-hydrating lanolin, a treatment inspired by the original Lanolips 101 formula. Which can be used on many body parts including lips, elbows, cuticles… your lips deserve a little glossy donut!

101 Ointment Glazed Donut Lip Balm, Lanolips. Price: €14.99 Lanolips
Lanolips Original 101 Ointment

Glowing skin, glowing nails…a trend with infinite variations

If the glazed lips trend has made a lot of noise in the beauty sphere, it’s far from being the only trend.Hailey Bieber has made her “glitter” look a true institution. It all started when she appeared on her Instagram account naked, with slightly chrome nails. At that time manicure was called “glazed nails”, which gave rise to many other trends.

Glazed skin is proof: Victoria’s Secret models never hesitate to reveal it The secret of her perfect and glowing skin Daily. And they lie in the use of peptide-based, ultra-nourishing and hydrating products. This is what has made her Rhode skincare brand a global success: everyone is buying her signature clean-girl look products. And we understand why!

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