Here’s what happened to the actors of the first Thor 13 years later

first movie thoris the fourth feature film of mcuwas produced by kenneth branagh And was released in 2011. That was already 13 years ago, and casting So a lot has changed. Of Chris Hemsworth Is Natalie Portmanpassing by Idris ElbaToday we find out what happened in them 2024,

#1 Thor/Chris Hemsworth

thor 2024 before chris hemsworth

After debuting in the series summer bayChris Hemsworth is best known for his role as Thor in the MCU. He is a regular in thrillers and other action films for example tyler rake, Available on Netflix. If All his films are not very successful, He regularly plays leading roles on screen, and that will be the case again in May furiosaWhose new trailer has been released and Transformer one.

#2 Jane Foster/Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman before Thor 2024

Got exposed to film at a very young age leonNatalie Portman saw her career explode with the role of Padme Amidala in the prequel star wars, In blockbusters and small-budget films, she is known for her excellent acting, especially in the films black Swan, He tried his hand at direction several times, such as in the feature film story of love and darkness In 2015. He has been awarded many times and received in 2023 Deauville Talent Award for his entire career.

#3 Loki/Tom Hiddleston

Before Tom Hiddleston after Thor 2024

After becoming a huge international star by playing the role of Loki in the MCU, Tom Hiddleston has collaborated many times with famous directors Like Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, or even Guillermo del Toro. Although it has been several years since he appeared in a non-Marvel-related feature film, his previous four films were part of the famous cinematic universe. Despite its international fame, Tom Hiddleston continued to appear regularly at the theatre.

#4 Odin/Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins before Thor 2024

At 86, Anthony Hopkins isn’t about to hang it up. A talented actor, he has also tried his hand at directing, producing and writing during his career. His most iconic role in cinema is probably that of the cannibal Hannibal Lecter. (BAFTA and Oscar for Best Actor), while he also shone on television thanks to the series done by, He has acted in dozens of films with some of the greatest directors since the 1960s.

#5 Dr. Erik Selvig / Stellan Skarsgård

Thor 2024 Before Stellan Skarsgård

From the art dealer Luthen Rail in the series star wars endorPassing by Baron Harkonnen dune And its sequel, Stellan Skarsgård has played many notable roles in both major American blockbusters and Scandinavian productions. Swedish actor also shines in mini-series in 2019 chernobyl, She is accustomed to heavy make-up for her roles, Which he likes more than CGI: Apart from Baron Harkonnen, we can give the example of his role of Bill Turner pirates of the caribbean 2 And 3,

#6 Phil Coulson/Clark Gregg

Phil Coulson before Thor 2024

As Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg has appeared in five MCU films as well as the series Marvel: Agents of SHIELD, Despite starring in several films, none of her roles in other films really impacted her career. We will still note that in 2023, he was featured in the series the countrysidekiller And Florida Man.

#7 Darcey Lewis/Kat Dennings

Thor 2024 Before Kat Dennings

In addition to his appearances in the MCU, Kat Dennings is best known for her roles as Max Black in the series 2 Broke Girls and Jules in the series doll face, In cinema, we can cite his presence super blonde And a night in new york, She later received several nominations including “Best Actress in a Musical or Dance Film”.

#8 Loughey / Colm Foare

thor 2024 before silm fiore

For 14 years, Colm Feore made a name for himself in the world of theatre, obtaining more and more important roles (Romeo, Hamlet…), Before being launched in cinemas. You might have seen him in the series on television Umbrella Academy And the Borgias,

#9 Volstagg / Ray Stevenson (died 2023 at age 58)

thor 2024 first after ray stevenson

Addicted to supporting roles in blockbuster films, Ray Stevenson was also known for appearing in the series Rome, rightor recently Ashoka, This was unfortunately his last appearance on screen, as he died suddenly in May 2023, aged just 58, during the shooting of the Frank Ciotta film. Casino in Ischia,

#10 SIF / Jamie Alexander

Jaimie Alexander before Thor 2024

Jesse Hollander’s role in the series revealed kyle xyJaimie Alexander later established herself thanks to the Marvel films and series blindsportIn which she is seen. But it was her casting as Sif that allowed her to pursue film roles and make a name for herself in Hollywood And for the general public.

#11 Frigga / Rene Rousseau

Rene Russo before Thor 2024

After making her debut as a model, René Rousseau ventured into cinema, which gained her acting recognition Lethal Weapon 3 In 1992. It experienced a golden age for the rest of the 90s, before a series of commercial and critical failures in the 2000s. Movies thor So, after being away from the screen for a few years, she is slowly making a comeback on the screen. On the other hand, since 2019, we no longer see him in cinema or on television.

#12 Fandral / Joshua Dallas

joshua dallas before thor 2024

Joshua Dallas is known for playing Prince Charming in the series Once upon a timeBut Ben Stone Inn manifesto, Apparently, his role in the movies was Fendral thor also contributed to his fame. He has had no other very notable roles in cinema, but he has voiced several characters in animated films, including Pig Frantic Pig in Excellent. Zootopia,

#13 Heimdall / Idris Elba

Idris Elba before Thor 2024

Known for his roles as Stringer Bell in the series bugged and especially John Luthor in the series luther, Idris Elba is a popular actor who is extremely bankable ,Suicide Squad, Fast & Furious, Hobbs & Shaw, Prometheus, Pacific Rim…) Players were also able to find it in DLC cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty, He has also produced several films and directed a feature film in 2018. yardy, In 2024, he will voice Knuckles again in a spin-off of the films of sound,

#14 Hogun / Tadanobu Asano

Thor 2024 first after Tadanobu Asano

Tadanobu Asano has starred in dozens of films since the early 90s and has received numerous awards for his performances. He is also a musician and has a band called Mach 1.67, which he formed with filmmaker Sogo Ishii.

#15 Hawkeye / Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner before Thor 2024

seen in franchises Impossible Goal And jason bourneJeremy Renner is primarily associated with Hawkeye, who also had the rights to his own series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On January 1, 2023, the actor made headlines with his miraculous survival in an accident. After being run over by her snow groomer, she had to undergo emergency surgery and recover from at least 35 fractures. After months of keeping his fans informed via social media, he appeared in public with the stick for the first time in July.

#16 Nick Fury / Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L Jackson before Thor 2024

Of Jurassic Park to the introduction of star warsThrough the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson has starred in countless successful films, some of which have become iconic. This is especially the case with Quentin Tarantino, of whom he has long been one of his favorite actors (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill: Volume 2, Django Unchained…) Even today he continues to act in many productions. is the latest argyleDirected by Matthew Vaughn, with whom he had previously worked Kingsman.

And for DC fans, find out what happened to the actors and actresses there batman By Tim Burton by clicking here.

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